Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

The living room rug can be a game changer on how the space looks and feels. It can either sit in harmony with the room or make a big statement to add a whole new vibe to the living area. Whether you are looking to give your living room a quick spring refresh, or starting from scratch and looking for inspiration, we have many gorgeous living room rug ideas to spruce up your space.

Living room rugs have many useful practical attributes. These natural insulators cut down on draught and heating bills. Besides being soft and comfortable underfoot, rugs soften footfall and absorb noise. And when it comes to style, what better way than rugs to add colour, pattern, and texture to your living room space?

Here are some trendy living room rug ideas that you can seek inspiration from. There are lots of rugs online sellers that you can from and you can use the following guides to design your space:

1. Layer Up Your Living Room Rugs

Layering rugs is an easy and inexpensive way to add some textures and patterns to a living room. The key is to choose a large area rug in a neutral shade, made of sturdy material like jute that will ground the subsequent rugs you put on top. Then, add layers with either a small single rug in the centre, or multiple overlapping rugs.

2. Choose An Area Rug to Work With Your Layout

Pick an area rug as a starting point and design your living room furniture layout based around the rug. Use the rug as walls and float the furniture around that rather than pushing them all against the edges. Allow breathing room between the furniture pieces so that there’s more light flowing around the space. Make sure the rug is placed centrally and it’s big enough to sit your furniture fully or partially.

3. Use Rugs to Create Zones

For a large or open-plan living room space, you can use rugs to zone your space. Basically, instead of partitions, you throw down different rugs with different vibes to lend a separate feeling to each space. For example, if your living room, kitchen and dining table share an open-plan space, add in a rug to the living room space to give it a separate feeling. Highlight the kitchen area with a low pile runner and use an area rug under your dining table.

4. Use A Corner Sofa And A Rug To Create A Nook

A great décor idea for open plan living rooms. Position a corner sofa atop a rug that’s slightly bigger in size, instantly creating the effect of a cosy nook within the larger room. Add a small coffee table in the centre, and voila you have your mini living room!

5. Let Your Rug Decide The Colour Scheme

If you’ve got your eyes on a colourful rug, go for it and decide the colour scheme of the rest of the space based on the rug. You could also use a rug featuring bold patterns as a contrast to a neutral living room. Team it up with furnishings in accent colours to add a punch.

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