How to Increase Your Home Security to Prevent Break-Ins

Do you live in a bad neighbourhood? Maybe you consider your community to be caring and safe?

Either way, it is worth spending some time and money to increase your home security. You never know when a thief may choose your home to steal from next.

Read on to learn exactly what you can do to prevent this from happening. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Enhancing Home Security

Regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a free standing house, your home security is only as strong as the easiest point of entry.

For this reason you should assess all of your entry points. This includes the obvious ones such as front and back doors, side gates and garage. And also windows, sky lights and underfloor access.

While you and I would never think of breaking into someone’s home, the minds of criminals work differently. They can take the slightest opportunity to steal anywhere, anytime.

Apart from locking your doors, which should be done every time you leave the house, you may also consider a guard dog, security guards, or a security system.

There is really no limit to how far you can go when it comes to increasing your home security. But before you get too carried away, make sure you have the basics covered.

Invest In Quality Door Locks

Regardless of whether you live in a townhouse, mobile home, a gated community, or simple-family home, you should always invest in quality door locks.

The front and back doors are the most common way people enter your home so you must make sure they are secured. As such, when selecting door locks, it is essential to do due diligence.

Avoid inferior products with fancy marketing or cheap gimmicks. Choose reliable brands with trusted locking mechanisms and for added confidence get them installed by a professional locksmith. For example, a professionally installed Lockwood deadlock is a superior way to secure your front door.

Whichever lock you choose, make sure it meets your insurance requirements. If you need to claim from the policy provider may not be covered if these requirements are not met.

Installing the Locks

Now that you have the appropriate door locks, it is time to have them installed. As you can imagine, having the best lock will not enhance home security if it is not installed properly.

This means ensuring that the type of door and door frame are suitable to provide adequate security.

Follow the directions as specified from the lock manufacturer and also be mindful of your insurance policy requirements.

Just like when your insurer specifies the type of door locks you must use, they may also specify requirements about the door itself and the door frame too.

Reasons to Work with a Locksmith

Locksmiths are professionals who handle various cases of home security. It is about the training they go through, their knowledge, experience, and certification.

Besides advising on the appropriate locks for different types of doors and varying requirements, they also help with other security enhancements too.

This can include peep holes, intercoms, security cameras, grilles, safes, or alarms. As you can see the modern locksmith does a lot more than just install and repair locks.

However, as you work with one, confirm their credentials. They are not all equal so you must ensure you are working with a qualified and reliable professional.

Before installation, they will check whether the door is damaged or if it has unreinforced glass panels. As such, they will do or request repairs be done as necessary.

Why Choose a Smart Security System?

With the different lock options available, you may want to consider smart security. With advanced smart locks, you will never have to worry if you locked the doors when leaving the house or not.

These come in handy when you need to be in control of your doors remotely. Also if you get home, you never have to worry if you have your keys with you.

They are sophisticated with features that allow you to lock and unlock them without the need for a physical key.

Also, you have control at your fingertips, and can monitor your home from wherever you are. Home or not, get to know who comes in and goes out.

Final Words

As you choose the type of locks that best suits your needs, don’t let price be a determinant.

Of course you must work to your budget, and choosing the most expensive is not always going to be the best option. However low quality cheap locks should always be avoided.

Ensure you consider the level of security needed through a thorough assessment of your property, being mindful of your neighbourhood crime rates.

A local locksmith will be knowledgeable about these things and can help you with your requirements.

If you live in an apartment or a home, make sure that your exterior doors are locked. It is the least you can do to keep out burglars, animals, and intruders.

Additionally, invest in quality locks and work with a qualified locksmith. It is a sure way of enhancing home security.

Your home security can be taken as little or as far as you choose. Just make sure to cover the basics at a minimum.

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