How much does solar in Adelaide Cost after Rebates?

Many people are interested in solar energy and how much it costs. This article will delve on some of the most common questions about solar power, including how much solar in Adelaide costs after rebates? 

Solar panels can be expensive up-front, but they pay for themselves over time with savings on your electricity bills. There are multiple ways to reduce the cost of installing a solar panel system, including using government incentives like rebates or feed-in tariffs. A refund is an incentive that reduces the upfront cost of installation by reducing the price paid per watt (W). Feed-in tariffs offer a set rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) produced by your panels, which means you get paid for all the energy generated!

It is no secret that solar power has come into the mainstream of Australian energy consumption. With high solar panel installation rates across the country, it’s time to get informed about whether or not you’re getting a good deal. 


Unfortunately, despite the price reduction, solar panel installation is still too expensive for many individuals. The average cost of a solar energy installation in Adelaide is $3,700 to $8,600, depending on the type and size of system installed. The size and type of the system will determine how many sensors you’ll need. For a minor system (3kW and under), you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $3,000.If you’re looking for a 10kW system, expect to pay around $9,000.

The actual cost of your solar panels will vary considerably based on where you live, what kind of system you’re looking for, and the installer. Get in contact with your preferred installation specialist for a precise quotation.

How Can I Claim My Solar Rebates in Adelaide?

There are two methods to collect your Solar Rebates in Adelaide to Go Solar Quotes. Fortunately, none of them needs you to deal with local authorities or make frequent trips to government offices.

The most straightforward approach to get your solar rebate is to have it taken into account as a point of sale reduction when you buy solar equipment. Many individuals in Adelaide and all across the world prefer this choice since it is more practical. Here’s why:

  1. If the Clean Energy Regulator licenses your solar installer, you’ll be confident that they have been authorized to claim your STC. The last thing you want is to make a mistake and buy solar panels from an unaccredited solar agent or firm. Because you would not be receiving the solar rebate, you would have to pay the total price.
  2. You’ll be able to get a fantastic price for your STCs – you’ll most likely be able to sell your small-scale certificates rather than maintaining them yourself. Other businesses (oil and coal) have contracts with solar firms to sell the STCs.
  3. In the strict sense, the rebate isn’t a rebate since most people believe that government rebates are given as cash when they acquire and install a solar PV system.

What Are the Requirements for Getting Solar Rebates in Adelaide?

The Clean Energy Regulator’s requirements apply to all of Australia, including those in ADELAIDE. To be eligible for STCs, your solar PV installations will need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • In the case of a residential solar system in Australia, have proof that you own the home where it was installed. You’ll need to present your homeownership papers, physical address, and other identifying data to prove that you own the property on which the solar PV was put in Adelaide.
  • Within a year of installation, the STCs must be claimed. Systems that are more than a year old will not qualify for the STC incentive. Of course, if you can obtain a point of sale discount on the STC rebate, you won’t have to worry about this.
  • Solar panels on your roof should not be any more significant than the maximum capacity figures specified by the Clean Energy Council, which is determined by the size of your solar array. Above that, a small-scale system is not considered. The Regulator will be categorized differently in terms of rebates since it will fall into a different classification.
  • You can’t get reimbursed twice for a solar PV system.

The final and most essential requirement is to have an accredited solar company or agent install the system following Clean Energy Regulator requirements and safety standards.

Am I eligible for the rebate?

If you live in Adelaide and meet the following requirements, you may be eligible for a solar rebate. If you are:

  • Installing a new solar system (Solar systems that have already been installed are not eligible)
  • Installing a system with a capacity of fewer than 100 Kilowatt-hours
  • Another Australian is not being taken advantage of.
  • Subsidies or programs that help offset the cost of installing solar panels include:

How is the rebate administered?

Solar energy installers are the ones who get rebates on solar panels and home battery systems. The installer will apply for the refund on your behalf after your system is installed.

The rebate is built into the price shown by installers in Adelaide. All you have to do now is locate a fantastic local specialist, get your system set up, and pay the difference between the system price and rebate.

Feed-in premiums are a bit different. They’re paid to you every month by your energy provider. For more information about Adelaide’s solar feed-in tariffs, please visit here.

Can I get the rebate more than once?

Australian citizens may participate in the solar rebate program only once on solar panels and once on a home battery. If you get your solar panels first, then install a battery storage system later, you may qualify for the solar panel system before applying for or receiving a government rebate on your home battery system.

Subsidies are only available once on each of the system’s components.

Can renters get the rebate?

There is no set procedure for Australians connected to renters and landlords as of the time of writing this article. The most excellent advice is to contact your landlord and ask them to install solar in exchange for signing a longer lease. You could negotiate to raise your rent, saving you money on your power bill while also enabling them to pay off the system.

They will pay for the system in three to four years on average with a solar feed-in tariff.

Do I need council approval for a solar system?

A solar installation does not need a building permit or council approval in Adelaide, Australia. Suppose you’re thinking of taking advantage of the government’s solar panel or battery system subsidies. You’ll need qualified installers to put in the systems and give them to you.

If you try to do something yourself, you will undoubtedly spend much more money in the long run because you will not be eligible for the subsidy.

Home battery scheme

The Australian Government Home Battery Scheme provides subsidies and low-interest loans to assist pay for a home battery system for all grid-connected citizens. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a government-owned corporation that provides financial assistance for renewable energy projects, provides these subsidies.

All Australian residents are entitled to subsidies, which are based on the battery’s kilowatt-hour capacity. Furthermore, under this plan, Energy Concession Holders may receive a more significant subsidy.

Can I still get the rebate if I already had a battery installed?

A rebate of $2,000 is available on new solar battery storage system purchases. The subsidy is based on the battery’s kilowatt-hour capacity, which means it scales proportionally with the size of the battery. It is limited to a single household and has the same value for everyone.

Low-interest loans can help households pay for the subsidized battery and new solar panels if they do not already have them.

Free Solar for Adelaide energy concession holders

Low-income houses, seniors, and pensioners can all take advantage of energy cost savings.

In return for lower electricity bills, one thousand qualified families have the option to get free solar panels installed through the solar program.

What Is the Average Cost of Installing a Solar PV System in Australia?

In Australia, solar PV system costs have been coming down for almost a decade. According to current expenses, Australia has by far the most cost-effective solar PV systems on the globe. This is partly due to the government’s renewable energy initiatives and incentives and corporate involvement in environmental issues.

Solar PV in Adelaide is considerably less expensive than in other parts of the world. Perhaps it’s because of this that more and more people are choosing solar power in Adelaide. According to recent data released by the Australian Clean Energy Council, over 35 per cent of Adelaide homes have solar and battery systems (over 250,000 installs).

Solar panel system pricing may differ from supplier to supplier, and the amount of STC certificates you can claim when you install has an impact. For example, a solar PV system from top manufacturers like LG might be somewhat more costly. You may also reduce your rebates if you install the solar system a year or more from now due to a shorter qualifying period.

What Is the Solar Feed-In Tariff in Australia?

Residents of Adelaide who consume less than 160 Megawatts of power each year are eligible for solar feed-in rates (most homes consume about 10 Megawatts per year). You might expect to get at least 20 to 25 cents for each kWh you send back to the grid from your PV system in Adelaide. Solar feed-in tariffs are the discounts you receive from your power provider for sending surplus solar energy back to the grid if you don’t already know about them. In Adelaide, virtually all electricity suppliers provide feed-in premiums for each kilowatt-hour of power you send to the grid.

Adelaide’s goal of becoming Australia’s “greenest city” is heavily reliant on solar feed-in tariffs. According to the most recent data from the Clean Energy Council, 52 per cent of Adelaide’s energy is supplied by grid-connected household solar PV systems.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost in Adelaide?

Expect to spend between $8,000 and $10,000 for a decent solar battery kit for your solar PV system in Adelaide. Solar batteries, on the other hand, are still relatively costly in Australia. Their price has not reduced over time as solar panels have.

In Adelaide, there are no federal incentives for solar batteries. However, specific states have incentives and no-interest loans available to individuals who wish to install solar panels. Through the Home Battery program, the Australian government gives a rebate of up to $6,000 to its citizens who install solar energy storage systems. The following incentives are subject to eligibility and funding availability. The Australian government’s home battery scheme website may be used to learn more about the Home Battery Scheme.

If you don’t want to send your extra solar energy back to the grid, you may wish to buy solar batteries. This is a popular and sensible selection for most people since it may save them a lot of money on their power bills. In terms of savings and solar payback periods, storing your surplus and using it at night is superior to feeding it back to the grid.


This article has provided you with helpful information on how much solar in Adelaide costs after rebates and the factors that will affect your final price. It is essential to keep these things in mind when considering installing a solar system for your home or business, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the cost of an installation.

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