12 ideas to make your living room cozier

What makes the interior cozy? Far from expensive paintings and furniture. Quite often, when considering a minimalistic design, we catch ourselves thinking: “It’s stylish, but I can’t live here.” The thing is that the feeling of comfort is given to us by subtle details. We tell you how to make the house cozy and warm with their help.

1. Arrange the books on the shelves

As a rule, we put books on the shelves tightly to each other, especially if there are a lot of them. But when they stand in a different order: horizontally and vertically, at an angle – it makes the interior voluminous and adds comfort.

Rules for grouping books

By color. One shelf can be red, another – blue, the third one – green. Take a closer look at the works of interior stylists, this is one of their secret techniques.

By size. Place the books horizontally: the largest one at the bottom following by the smaller ones, and put the thinnest at the top.

Remove the paperback editions. Inexpensive thin-cover books and all kinds of booklets in plain sight create a feeling of “littering” of the cabinet. It is not necessary to throw them out, just put them in a beautiful box.

2. Arrange the flowers

Don’t forget about living green plants. Try to always fill the house with flowers – they help to create comfort and are quite inexpensive.

Tips for choosing plants

In a spacious room, pick up a large spreading plant or even a bush! Ficus, monstera, palm or strelitzia will do.

Cacti and succulents should not be exposed alone, they look great in a group.

If the plant is not very pretty in itself (bare trunk, sparse leaves), pick up an intricate or unusual planter for it, let it balance it.

By the way, cut flowers and bouquets can be collected independently, for example, from garden flowers and twigs. What is important? Keep track of the season: in the spring, hyacinths, tulips, and mimosa will be appropriate, in the summer – wildflowers, in the autumn – hydrangeas, dahlias, and chrysanthemums, and in the winter – amaryllis and cyclamen.

3. Get rid of small decor

Meaningless figurines, vases, and other decor have no place on the shelves in your apartment. Conduct an audit. But don’t immediately buy something in return. Things in your apartment should speak about you, your hobbies and character.

Note: small products don’t create color spots and volume, they greatly clutter up the look. So you can also get rid of them without regret.

4. Don’t hide your favorite things

Don’t hide your favorite things to attract people’s attention, they should stand out from the environment and catch the eye. A good option would be a photo pillow with your portrait or with a print of your loved one. You can see how it looks on AllAboutVibe.

5. Collect things from different countries

Try to bring something from your travels. Suitable paintings, posters – you can arrange them in your gallery. Are you fond of photography? Great! Print out particularly successful shots and hang them on the wall! They can be decorated in the same frames or, conversely, in different ones – let your imagination run wild.

6. Do something with your hands for comfort in the house

Try to make something yourself. For example, you can buy an old bookshelf or a small table and give them a new life by repainting or painting.

7. Don’t leave the coffee table empty

The interior doesn’t like meaningless emptiness. Small but noticeable things like a stack of magazines on the table, a carafe of water, or a vase make it complete.

8. Make compositions of candles

How to create comfort in the house? Buy candles. It’s better to buy several products of different sizes in the same style at once. Objects in complex colors look especially impressive: bordeaux, mustard, dirty pink. And the whites make the interior simpler.

Moreover, you can pick up different candlesticks for candles and make a whole collection.

9. Hang new curtains on the windows

Empty windows have been gaining popularity lately, but, anyway, windows with curtains look cozier. Choose simple materials: cotton, linen, light flowing tulle. However, both roll-up curtains and Roman ones will do – any curtains create a sense of security.

10. Add things to match the color of the walls or finishes

Most often, things do not fit together because of different styles, colors, or finishes. Paint some pieces of furniture in the same color as the walls, or pick up curtains, carpet, or pillows to match. If you have pink walls, then designer pillows of delicate tones will be perfectly combined with it. This will create a sense of unity of space.

11. Don’t forget about lighting

It also plays an important role and helps to create comfort. Let you have several lighting scenarios in each room. For example, a common light in the living room, a floor lamp by the reading chair, and a table lamp by the sofa.

What kind of device will make any room really cozy? Garland! Hang retro-style light bulbs on the edge of the mirror or decorate the curtain rod with them – the feeling of warmth will not take long to wait.

12. Add flavors

There is nothing nicer than having a fragrance at home. There are several options: use scented candles, sachets, or a special diffuser. It looks like a bottle with a liquid – the actual aroma – and cane sticks included, which are inserted into the container. The more sticks you use, the brighter the flavor. Diffusers for the home can be found both in mass-market brands and in the luxury segment.


We hope your living room will be truly transformed. Good luck!

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