Small Touches Make a Home

Your home is your sanctuary. You add things to it to make it distinctly yours. The memories, pictures, and style of your decorating leave a distinct mark on everything around you. Consider personalizing it with little things that add that special touch. Here are some ideas to add because those small touches really make a house a home.


It’s so simple to do too. You can instantly improve a home by adding just the right thing to your décor. Consider something like MWE hardware to make it perfect. Then you’ll have the right look for your cabinets. Changing simple things like cabinet hardware can completely change the look of a room. A mother that had a small budget was trying to figure out how to make her newborn’s room look like it was a room for a baby. She did that easily by adding Peter Rabbit hardware to the draws and cabinets in the nursery. Suddenly, a boring room was instantly transformed. A bit of paint and it was completely different.

The Statement

The entrance of your home makes a statement to those on the road. When you have the right look, your guests feel instantly at home as well. Think about the statement you want your home to make to strangers. Different colors hold different vibrations for people. There are even traditions that various colors carry. Red is typically a good color for a home door. For many, it signals abundance, but for other traditions, it means something completely different. That’s where the rest of the décor of the entrance to your home comes in. Consider what you want your statement to be for those who pass by and come in.

The Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, then you have a distinct way to make even more of a statement to those who pass through your front door. The look is made there with the selection of colors and those little touches that make the look complete. Take a look at the style of your home. Even an old Victorian home can transform into a modern masterpiece. It’s the perfect place to display that piece of artwork that is a stunner. If you want an old-fashioned look, those little touches like a basket or an old camera on a shelf make a perfect statement.

Living Rooms

Pillows are the magic word here, well, blankets as well. Including these small touches really brings a room together. Many people have seasonal pillows and blankets that match the living room to give it a distinct look throughout the year. A few have even added seasonal trees that are decorated for that season. It’s a carry-over from the people that really get into Christmas. A white Christmas tree that is thin can be truly decorated all year long. Imagine a “Nightmare Before Christmas” tree for the holidays. You can decorate during Halloween, and unless you are a big

Thanksgiving Day person, the tree can stay like that until the new year. It’s those little things that truly make a house a home. Personalize yours.


Ah, the bathroom. It’s that little piece of heaven where you can create a haven from the worries of the day. First, you’re going to need a bathtub. Add decorative baskets with soaps in any aesthetic you desire. Add some towels for the perfect get-a-way from the hectic day. Flowers add a nice touch as well. Consider a shelf for the tub to place a glass of wine or cup of coffee, and that place for your book. Add some bath pillows and let the bubbles take you off to paradise.


Carry that bathroom ideas over to your bedroom next. Add some light curtains or a set of wooden blinds to create a perfect finish to the décor of your bedroom. They have sliding tables that are as large as a king-size bed now. Add those to the bedroom so you can read in bed as you snack and watch the evening movies on Netflix.

Shelving shouldn’t be missed. That pulls a look together to create a space for everything. Besides, you need a place to put those books from the bath and bedroom, right?

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