How To Use A Pole Saw

A pole saw is an instrument essential for cutting the parts of the tree. Maybe you are facing issues using your pole saw correctly and looking for an effective and efficient guideline.

However, here in this article, you will get a proper guideline on how to use a pole saw. Moreover, you will learn the step-by-step process of using a pole saw to prune the trees’ branches. So let’s start it.

How to use a pole saw?

Using professional pole saws is not a difficult task at all. You just need to follow the step-by-step process. And you should maintain some safety measurements. Otherwise, you will face difficulties and will not get a good cut.

Required Tools

Before starting to use your pole saw, you need to arrange the necessary instruments.

Firstly, get a suitable pole saw. Consider some necessary factors such as power system, run time, weight, and cutting bar length while choosing a saw.

Then, get some safety equipment such as a helmet, gloves, goggles, etc. These pieces of equipment will protect you from any kind of unexpected situation and danger.

Clean the surface

At the beginning of the cutting process, you have to clean the surface where you will work. You must make sure that there is no unwanted substance or person under the tree. However, you must keep the surface free from any hazardous materials so that any harmful matter will not happen.

Decide what to cut

You have to go with a clear concept of what you need to cut and what not. Decide the appropriate height of the branch that you need to cut.

If you have to cut a big branch, you must prune the small parts of it. Besides, you have to start from lower limbs. So, plan to run your cutting process gradually from lower to higher.

Make a good position of the saw

A good position of the saw is highly required for a good cut. So firmly handle the saw. Most importantly, make sure that the weight of the saw is under your control. Now, you need to put the saw on the branch that you have planned to cut.

Make a good position for yourself

Besides the saw, a good position is also needed for yourself. So, select a safe, comfortable, and better space to run the working process. Never stand under the branch that you are going to cut. However, this positioning step will help you prevent any kind of danger and get a good cut.

Start the ultimate process

1. Now, power on the professional pole saw and slowly started to cut. Start to make steady pressure, make a reasonable control, and look over the result.

2. Cut the small branches and then big branches. While pruning the bigger and thicker branches, never cut them at once.

3. Try to make a gradual cutting. Now, the saw will require more power, so speed up and do it correctly.

4. Sometimes, you will need to move while cutting. In this situation, you must power off the saw and then move from the place.

5. When you cut a branch and move forward to another, you must clear the surface because the fallen branches can create hazards while positioning yourself for pruning the next limb.

6. The majority of the previous users suggest starting to cut from the under-side of the limb. And after a noticeable cut, move forward to the top.

7. After completing the cutting process successfully, you have to power off the saw and unplug it. Now start clearing the surface.

Some crucial safety tips

In the process mentioned above, you must follow some safety rules to protect yourself from any kind of danger.

Firstly, you must make a good concentration on the power cable. Remove the power cable placed under the tree.

Secondly, avoid running the cutting process in the rain or wet weather. You will face slippery conditions and will not feel comfortable cutting.

Thirdly, try to cut in a light surface. A dark surface will lead you to miss pruning and hazardous situations. So avoid cutting in the dark.


Pole saws are useful tools for lawn care and landscaping. Using a pole saw is an easy process. You just need to follow the process as mentioned earlier very carefully.

However, I hope you have a clear concept now on how to use a pole saw. So, I am sure that you will make a good cut in your next project.

Good luck!

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