Reasons you need to Choose Pleated Blinds for Your Home

Pleated blinds are pleated cloth shades that draw up to sit flat at the top of a window to hide from sight when open, adding texture to the room. Every homeowner dreams of having their desired styles at their homes, allowing for creativity and different stylistic designs. Pleated blinds are also a common blind that offers its homeowner tremendous advantages. Pleated blinds are fashionable and unique, offering a wide range of advantages. One of them is being able to control the amount of light to let into your home. Moreover, they come in different colors and materials to meet your personal preference and taste. Swift Direct Blinds’ pleated blinds offer a wide range of pleated blinds you can choose from.

Listed below are some of the reasons you need to have pleated blinds for your home or office

1. They offer a neat and stylish look

Most people in today’s world will go for a more contemporary design when designing their houses. Therefore, pleated blinds will comfortably offer a modern, sleek design. This is because these window coverings have a low stack height, remaining hidden until they are needed. Moreover, you can even put them at the top or bottom of your window, depending on your style preferences. Top-down, bottom-up window blinds are what they’re called. Additionally, you’ll notice how their customized fit enriches everything from small windows to French doors as you draw them down. Further, the fabric material lets in gentle light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. They are durable

Pleated blinds are long-lasting in comparison to other alternatives. This durability is because the pleated design retains its shape and can last for as many years as possible. Additionally, they require less maintenance in comparison to other alternatives. This is because they readily fold out of the way. Regardless of the color you choose, features like thermal layers and UV-blocking coatings will keep your blinds looking bold, even with a dark tint. They aren’t as thick as cellular blinds, but their honeycomb construction keeps them from bending or cracking.

3. They are family-friendly

Feel at peace while your family and friends gaze out the window or take a breath of fresh air. A cordless option is available on nearly every model of the pleated blind. Window coverings without cords reduce the chance of an accident in your house, whether you have small children, busy grandchildren, or need to safeguard curious pets. Kids are less likely to play with the safe, layered design. Moreover, they are cost-effective hence suitable for families under a budget.

4. They fit in with every home décor

These designs have a wide range of patterns and colors. Therefore, they can allow you to play with colors and patterns to match up with your interior décor.

5. They keep your home comfortable

A unique coating is used on pleated window blinds. The reflective material on top of the cloth helps to keep dangerous UV rays out of your home. Also acts as a thermal regulator keeping you cooler in the summer and hotter in winter.

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