Painters in Melbourne – How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The cost of hiring a professional painter in Melbourne can depend on the type of paint job you need. The two most common types of painting services available are interior and exterior, each having its own set price tags. To help you with your pricing decision, we’ve created a list of estimates to give you an idea of the prices to expect from standard paint jobs in Melbourne.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is often the most expensive paint service because more materials and labour are involved. Furthermore, working outside in Melbourne’s climate is certainly no picnic! 

Because of these reasons, an exterior painter in Australia would typically charge around the following: 

  • $40 p/h 
  • $1.2 – $6 per square foot  
  • $12 – $60 per square meter 

For your typical, single-storey house, a homeowner can expect to pay around $10,000.

This price varies depending on whether you need an entire house painted or just a few key spots. However, this ballpark figure should provide a rough estimate for what you might pay after the job is done. 

Other price factors that influence the price for painters in Melbourne include:

  • Your Home’s Size
  • The materials of your home, i.e. timber exteriors are more expensive than brick exteriors 
  • Whether preparation is required, i.e. some walls require pressure cleaning before painting can begin
  • The level of detail needed, i.e. textured finishes are more expensive than smooth paint
  • Your house’s height – taller homes may require scaffolding
  • Number of coats required – some places may need two coats to achieve a uniform finish 

Interior Painting

Interior painting jobs are generally cheaper out of two because interior paint lacks the unique qualities that exterior paint possesses. Exterior paint contains functional ingredients to boost strength and provide resistance against moisture and UV rays for a home. Interior paint, on the other hand, is more about aesthetics and thus more affordable. 

The cost of interior paint jobs in Melbourne can range from 

  • $20 – $30 per square metre 
  • $79 to 87 per hour on average. 

Other factors that could contribute to a higher quote include:

  • The height and width of your walls
  • How many layers are required to complete a job
  • More minor details like textured finishes could also increase price
  • How many rooms are required
  • How quickly the job should be finished

Interior painters usually charge by the hour, so it makes sense to ask about their rates before committing too much time or funds into the project. As services are paid hourly, it’s worth the time and energy to find a reliable painting service that works fast and delivers high-quality results.

Will a Paint Job Add Value to Your Property?

House painting is very much an overlooked renovation as it lacks the prestige of a new kitchen or bathroom remodel or a finished basement. However, by significantly increasing your home’s curb appeal,  you are also driving up the property value. Interior painting can also transform older, outdated spaces into bright, modern rooms.

If you’re looking to sell in a relatively short time period, painting is a quick way to radically transform certain aspects of your home or its entirety. Furthermore, paint can also be cost-effective for homeowners looking to add value with few expenses in the long term and a low outlay upfront. You’re not adding any square footage, but it will create an impression of space that could help you sell your home faster.

A freshly painted house will also make it appealing to buyers who are searching for a property online. With a stunning, newly done exterior and interior, your home is more likely to generate online leads, leading to private viewings and a sale. When hiring a painting service, you can expect a 5% increase in your resale value.

Tips and Recommendations on Finding the Best Painting Service

There are a few ways to find the best painter in Melbourne. Follow these quick and easy steps to give yourself the best chance of finding a quality painting service.

  1. Ask your friends or family for any recommendations they may have. 
  2. Try googling “painters” and narrowing down your search by location (or service), i.e. interior painting Melbourne etc.
  3. Look on popular review sites like google maps, where customers rate their experience with certain companies based on customer service, price, and craft quality.
  4. Obtain three quotes from different painters before making your final decision as there are differences between what one company expects versus another – even if they offer similar services at about the exact cost!

Finally, while painting may be a relatively inexpensive renovation, it doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest quote. As mentioned prior, most painting companies charge by the hour, so it saves money overall to find an experienced contractor who can efficiently do the job. Like with most business services, it’s worth paying a little bit more to get high-quality results that last.

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