Lockdown Kid’s Birthday Ideas: Make Memories With Your Child

You’re a parent; you know what it’s like to feel stressed about your kid’s birthday. Of course, you want to make their day unique and memorable. But sometimes, the pressure of picking out a great party theme can be too much for just one person!

Here are five unique ideas that will help you plan an epic Lockdown Kid’s Birthday Party!

Have a Costume Party

If you are reading this article because your child is having their birthday soon, it may be time to break out those old costumes. Instead, plan an evening with friends or family members where everyone dresses up in silly outfits and has fun together. The best part of this idea is that you can reuse last year’s party favorites as well since they will double as goodie bags filled with goodies and treats for all who attend. 

You can find costumes at any store, but the best deals are usually online. You could even go as far as creating a Pinterest board of your favorite outfits and themes to help you explore all of your different options. Last-minute shoppers may want to try hitting up garage sales for great deals or sift through last year’s toy catalogs that they probably have sitting in their basement collecting dust!

Give your child the opportunity to get creative with their costume. Maybe they want to dress up as their favorite animal, or if that is too difficult for them, let them be a superhero and find an old sheet from home and cut it into cape shapes! 

You could also take this time of year to have some fun by making party foods like cookies in different shapes (pumpkin-shaped) and creating festive drinks like pumpkin pie martinis. Transform your house into a haunted mansion using lights outside on trees and inside your windows so when you walk around the corners; people don’t know where you’ll pop up next.

Have a Digital Party

You can have a digital party where your child gets to plan their virtual birthday each day of the week. Your kid would get to wear different outfits throughout the week and choose what they want for presents or do online activities on that day. You can have your child take photos with each costume and later customize them into Photo Strips to replicate the joys of the photobooth.

They might be able to play games like Minecraft or Fortnite, chat with friends in an Xbox Live session using voice chat, browse photos from around town, and check out new videos shared by family members. But, of course, it’s best if you’re accessing these apps together while chatting about how much fun it is when you talk through headsets!

Plan a Special Menu

It’s your child’s birthday. The best way to make it memorable is by having a menu that reflects their favorite foods or treats. If you’re not sure what they like, ask previous guests. 

You should think about snacks as well. If anything happens and people wait for their meal, these small things can go a long way to keep them happy. Have some deep-fried foods around if anyone wants something fried, and really, who doesn’t love French fries? But don’t forget healthier options like fruits and veggies too. It may not be Lockdown Kid’s birthday, but you should still make sure people eat healthily.

It’s essential to make sure that the event has food that lockdown kids will enjoy, and it is also a good idea for family members or friends with dietary restrictions. You can do this by having an online menu where people can choose what they want before coming over, so everyone gets something special. It may not be lockdown kids’ birthday party ideas, but you should still make sure there are snacks.

Hire a Digital Performer

You can do this by going on the internet to find an entertainment service provider that offers video-game performers, movie actors, and many other types of virtual characters for hire. Choose a digital performer specializing in children’s parties because they will likely have experience with entertaining kids and know what sort of party games are appropriate. They can also help you plan your child’s birthday activities like preparing costumes or designing balloons!

Make It a Family Day-Out

A great way of making your child feel special is by spending some time with them! It could be going for a walk, enjoying lunch at their favorite restaurant, or even cooking together in the kitchen. Whatever it may be, make sure they know that this day is all about them and no one else!


In conclusion, it is important to make memories with your children on their birthday. The ideas are endless, and there’s a party idea for everyone in the family!

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