Is your roof old and weathered? Get a colorbond roof restoration

Colorbond roofs are one of the most durable roof materials in the world. They can last for decades without wear and tear ad will rarely require any maintenance. This type of roof has several advantages compared to other roof materials. For instance, it has amazing insulation qualities since it is less ventilated than other materials such as tile roofing. Therefore, according to Frisco Roofer colorbond roofing will hold heat better, especially during the cold season, and it is thermally efficient for keeping your home at cool temperatures, especially during hot weather. Therefore, this roofing material is essentially common in places such as Australia that have harsh hot weather.

Moreover, because Colorbond is a lightweight material, it puts less pressure on your building structure, and the appearance of its clean aesthetic lines gives your home a bright look. Therefore, this roofing material has quite a several advantages over other types of materials. However, since it’s durable, it does not mean it will not experience normal wear and tear. This will affect its appearance to old and weathered. Mostly, the common damage with color bond roofing is the painting. Therefore, to restore an old roof, one requires some repaint to enhance its visual effect and extend its lifespan.

A colorbond roofing will require a repaint or restoration in situations such as; fading and a Powderly look, staining, flaking and bubbling paint, and exposure to seawater. However, repainting these roofs require professionals with expertise in painting color bond materials. This is because the painting involves a lot of prep work and a layered coating technique essential for a long-lasting and smooth finish.

Listed below are some of the steps needed to repaint colorbond

1. Access the existing condition of the roof

Prior to painting, a thorough roof inspection is necessary to identify any possible problems. Therefore, a roofing specialist first gets an understanding of the roof condition. This is because a far-away judgment on the roof appearance could be misleading. For instance, a deteriorated Colorbond roof may just be contaminants that need extra cleaning from a distance. Also, what seems to be peeling or bubbling paint might be a rusty area. Therefore, a professional roofing expert will ensure some repairs on the roof before starting the repainting process. Such as replacing old and rusty screws. This will ensure that the paint is applied on quality materials hence will last longer

2. Pressure cleaning the roof

For the painting ad priming process to be smooth and well done, there’s a need for a thorough pressure cleaning. At 3000psi, the roofing expert will use specialized Colorbond detergents to clean the roof. An industrial pressure washer will aid in the breakdown of oxidized paint, providing the roof with a surface to allow for optimum paint adhesion. Therefore, cleaning the roof is an important process in the repainting of colourbond. This will ensure that you get quality

results. For instance, lack of cleaning will lead to poor application, and thus the paint may flake off within no time. Therefore, proper cleaning will aid in quality results

3. Prime the surface

After cleaning the roof thoroughly, the next step involves priming the surfaces. Priming ensures that the paint adheres to the bare metal surface to the greatest extent possible; even the self-primed colorbond materials will require some priming. This will ensure that you get an even application. Additionally, your construction company will use specially formulated spray paint as a primer. Further, for improved adherence and a smooth, even layer for the paint to be applied, an airless spray gun is used to spray the primer under high pressure.

4. Paint the roof

Colorbond roof paints are water-based acrylic waterproofing paint that is specifically intended for metal and steel roofs. For an even finish, these paints are applied with care using an airless spray gun. Other techniques of application will degrade the adherence of the paint for Colorbond roof materials. Before letting it cure, your roofing contractor will apply two layers of membrane coating.

There are 22 distinct colors in the vast variety, which may be classified into two categories: modern and classic. Colorbond colors are inspired by and designed around Australia’s natural palette, and there are Colorbond colors to fit coastal, country, and metropolitan houses. Notably, Colorbond roof paint may be tinted and altered to almost any shade, although the standard Colorbond colors are the most popular.

In conclusion, colorbond roofing materials will grow old and look weathered in time. However, it is necessary to ensure that whenever you decide to do a repaint, it should be done by a professional and not the homeowner.

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