3 Home Plumbing Jobs You Need a Plumber For

Life would be so affordable if we were able to do everything ourselves, but the fact is we all possess different skills. Plumbing is a specific skill that requires training and experience, and where gas is involved, the authority to certify safety. It is not just about being able to make it into a small space and be agile enough to work, but also about knowledge of how plumbing systems work inside a house. The fact that many have kept their copper piping adds to the skill required when joints need to be soldered.

So, during this article, let us consider just which plumbing jobs, with certainty, require the services of a plumber, without even having to think about it. Then, plumbers such as AJ Alberts Plumbing, with at least 30 years’ experience in this area of household repairs and home improvements, can give you a helping hand.

We shall consider boilers, where an extensive knowledge of gas is required, pipes that come in varieties where some are not as easy to deal with as others, and then completing plumbing installations such as fitting the correct hose and flexible connector; which must be done correctly to avoid pump seal and bearing damage will result in leaks.

Fixing and Servicing Boilers

Working on a gas boiler requires a plumber who is gas registered. Not all plumbers are, so you need to check this before hiring. Fixing a boiler in your home is about making and keeping it safe.

It will be an annual job for a plumber to service your gas boiler. In-between, they will repair it if you detect any problems yourself.

During a service, a plumber will visually check your boiler’s flame. After removing your boiler casing, they will check all the components to ensure they work correctly, and they will also clean inside the boiler if it is dirty. Checks will include the burner, exchanger, main injector, and spark probe. These are all important checks to make sure that your boiler is working correctly. It is a job that requires specialist knowledge so that safety is not compromised. You cannot take a chance with gas when loved ones are involved.

If your gas boiler has a yellow flame instead of a blue one, you should get your boiler checked urgently, as this can be a sign that it is producing carbon monoxide. This is a colourless, odourless gas that is harmful to humans. It has resulted in many hospitalizations and fatalities when undetected for any length of time. So, check your flame and have your boiler serviced regularly.

Soldering Pipes

Where the joints of copper pipes are leaking, they will need re-soldering. Joints need to be watertight.

Because the process of soldering produces a flame, it is not something for a householder with no experience to attempt. Apart from the risk of fire in an enclosed space such as a bathroom, you will want the best possible joint or you will only end up calling a professional in an emergency when more problems have arisen. An experienced Toronto plumber would then have to come in and get it right.

Many householders with a period house will retain copper pipes as a feature and so will need a plumber if there is any kind of leak. Plumbers like copper pipes because they are durable and dependable for the task of plumbing. They are particularly beneficial when it comes to underground situations because of their high corrosion resistance. Also, because of the superior strength of copper when it comes to withstanding stresses and not failing. So, do think twice if you are thinking of changing to plastic piping just to avoid needing a plumber. It may not be cost-effective in the long term when the plastic pipes fail more frequently. Although when they do, a plumber will be happy to work on these for you.

Plastic pipes do have their advantages, of course. They have insulative qualities that stop condensation from forming when cold water is carried, and the same quality that stops heat loss when hot water is carried through a hot water pipe. They are also lightweight and less expensive. It depends on the quality of the pipe and the look that you want versus the soldering work involved.

Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms

When it comes to installing a complete kitchen or bathroom, a plumber will complete the work faster and to a higher standard than the average householder, due to their expertise. So, it makes sense to allow for the cost within your home improvement budget and employ a professional plumber to end up with the finished result you desire.

A new bathroom will increase the value of a property, as well as a fitted kitchen, which is thought to increase the value of a home by between 5 and 15 percent. This will be if it is done to a professional standard, or it may well end up reducing the appeal or value of a property.

In conclusion, we should always call a plumber for a boiler problem because of safety, also when pipes need to be soldered, and when installing a complete kitchen or bathroom so that a standard is maintained that will add value to our home.

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