Small Items You Can Buy That Add Significant Value To your Home

If you have been living in the same house for a few years, chances are you get bored of the design. While remodelling is a good way to create novelty, it is often an arduous process that takes a toll on your bank accounts. Moreover, the results are not always satisfactory. Reports suggest that less than four out of twenty houses were able to regain the investments put into remodelling.

Does this mean you should just give up on the idea of increasing the value of your home? Absolutely not! In this quick read, we bring you a list of small items that help elevate the value of your home, without spending a fortune.

Garden Items

With the COVID induced lockdowns and the subsequent work from home culture, there has been a surge in gardening. Not only does this provide a chance to connect with nature, but it also adds to the visual appeal of the home.

Having a variety of plants, removing weeds timely, trimming bushes would make sure the garden looks beautiful. Adding an irrigation system to the garden is a great manoeuvre as well — remodelling reports suggest this ranks high on the list of projects with the best ROIs Artificial indoor plants have the same effect —they are easier to maintain because all they need is cleaning!

A garden can fetch you 10% higher value for your house; however, making sure the garden is well-kept is key to success!


Rugs can infuse new life in boring living spaces without much hassle. Unlike wallpapers, the inherent simplicity with small rugs is intensely appealing for any home. All it takes is rolling them out on the floor, and space looks completely transformed.

Studio apartments and large halls can especially benefit from the area-definition that rugs provide. The best part is, it is easy to replace them if you no longer see them fitting the colour scheme or theme of the decor.


If done skilfully, lights can make a room look bigger and make colours pop out. Some outdoor lighting is also a great way to turn your lawn into a dedicated party area. Choosing the proper outdoor lighting for your home can also make it safer and a deterrent to trespassers.

Indoor recessed lighting can instantly add value to the house, making it look brighter and expensive. Experts suggest adding these to the hallway, living rooms and bedrooms. On the other hand, kitchens can benefit immensely from ‘under-the-counter’ lights. Unlike recessed lights, it is inexpensive to install LED strips that work well with every kitchen.


Whether it is contemporary wall art, graphics, prints or original paintings, art always spices things up. With so many options available online, it is easier than ever to find something that goes with your style.

If you are not sure about placement, it is often best to go minimal with the items you buy. In this new world of decluttering, excess of anything is bad! With minimalism, spaces feel larger and attractive, something that leaves a great impression on buyers.

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