See How I Quickly And Easily Updated A Room In My House With Wallpaper

Ever since I moved into the apartment close to my workplace, I was unhappy with the way my bedroom walls looked. Despite being newly painted in dull grey, they were uneven in texture and gave off a drab feel. Every evening, I would wonder how to give them a new look and feel without spending too much. Time was also a constraint. Last month, my friend Lauren dropped in for tea, and I shared my concerns with her.

“What about striped wallpaper?” She asked knowingly.

Before I could answer, she went on to explain how I could choose wallpapers in different patterns that could give an altogether different character to my bedroom. The walls would look more interesting and make me feel good after a long day at work. She added that striped wallpaper gives a very sophisticated and high-end look. They are the perfect option for changing the attitude and feel of any room, so why not my bedroom?

My First Experience with Custom Peel and Stick Wallpaper

As usual, I agreed to the suggestions provided by Lauren; and I was happy that I did so. The custom peel and stick wallpaper we purchased online had a peach and cream-colored floral pattern. The texture was complete with a neat matt finish having subtle undulations. Soon after the wallpaper installation job was done, my bedroom got transformed into one of my dreams. Soft but bright, elegant, and soothing to the senses, just as I always wanted. The best part was that the entire transformation got done within a day!

Other Benefits of Installing Wallpaper

Once my bedroom got updated quickly and easily, I understood the many other benefits of choosing wallpapers to make my personal space look different.

● The wallpapered room suggested a feel of permanence and establishment. It was an extension of my style and preferences and showed what I like.

● Another thing that came into prominence was that the peel and stick wallpaper brought my room together. It coordinated very well with the floor, furniture, furnishings, and the existing design theme to give a unified appeal.

● The newly added punch made my bedroom the perfect spot for me. It made my room look different from the remaining rooms at home. Now, my bedroom feels more functional and bigger than before.

Custom Wallpaper Installation – A Good Decision!

All thanks to Lauren, I have solved my design problems with custom peel and stick wallpaper. Given the many benefits of wallpapering, I have decided to invest in striped and textured wallpaper to give my study and living rooms a new feel. My walls have now become the canvas I wish to decorate in novel ways after buying the best wallpaper online. Why don’t you do the same to improve your space?

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