How to Protect Your Property During a Renovation

Thirteen million people get injured each year because they don’t protect the site during home renovation projects, while others cause more damage to the property. However, it only takes a heightened sense of responsibility and safety to avoid these unpleasant situations. This article will shed more light on property protection during the renovation process. To learn more about this topic, please read to the end.


Protection against fires

During home renovations, electrical wires and combustible materials are exposed until the project is completed. This can be a potential fire hazard if the appropriate precautions are not taken immediately. Moreover, many homeowners have suffered significant losses after fires razed down their properties during renovations. An example is Marsh Private Client Services client who lost his $20 million home during the completion stages of construction. In the event of a fire look for professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Milwaukee or similar near you, who can help you to make sure your home is restored and safe to live in.


The renovation crew did not notice this electrical hazard until it was too late. What’s worse,  they disabled newly installed fire alarms to make way for other fittings. Upon completion of these other installations, the crew forgot to reactivate the fire alarms. Indeed, anyone can fall victim, which is why you need these precautions:

  • Store an adequate number of fire extinguishers on the property
  • Keep your fire alarms activated at all times.
  • Clean up the renovation site daily to remove debris and pieces of combustible materials.

Protect property grounds from heavy ready-mix trucks

Did you know that dried concrete and cement splatters are the most difficult to clean after construction or a renovation? Sometimes, the splatter remains in obscure places and remains hidden until much later, if you’re fortunate enough to notice. They also get on your property when you mix them too close to the renovation site. Moreover, there are instances when you may require a ready-mix truck to deliver concrete.

However, instead of having them close to your property grounds and cause likely damage to overhead lines, you can seek more feasible solutions. For example, you can patronize a concrete pumping company that uses fully adjustable line pumps. It will reduce the splatter and protect your grounds from damage simultaneously.

Protect your home from dust and debris

You’d have to deal with large volumes of dust and debris with home renovations, but it’s vital to protect your property from the terrible effects of accumulated dust. Any available surface usually becomes a workbench during home renovations, especially if it’s a flat surface. Moreover, dust and debris can cause scratches on smooth and shiny surfaces, making it imperative to clean them immediately. 

Therefore, you can cover your countertops with a dust-proof fabric, a microfiber cloth woven with synthetic filament. Additionally, you should protect your floors with cardboard or plastic floor covering, especially if they are not scratch-resistant. Do not forget to close all unused rooms to avoid dust and debris buildup.

One of the worst things you can face is dealing with post-renovation damage. Therefore, you must take steps to protect the property at all costs regardless of how minor or significant your home renovation is. 


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