How to Declutter your Bedroom and get the Space you Need

We spend more time in our bedroom than any other room in the house, so why do so many of us neglect it and allow it to get so messy? A cluttered room not only looks untidy, but it has also been proven to increase anxiety levels. It’s time we freed up some space. But how can we best declutter such an important room?

Increase Storage

Storage is absolutely key to reducing clutter. It will make your life so much easier and will clear your bedroom as well as your mind. Get fitted wardrobes installed in your bedroom to create that much-needed storage space. Not only will they look good, but they’ll also take up less room than a freestanding wardrobe because they sit flush to the wall and in tight spaces if needed.

You should also consider buying a bed with storage underneath, a stool that opens up for you to put stuff in it, and putting up shelves.

Have a Clear Out

You’ve probably got loads of clothes and items you just don’t need any more. If you haven’t worn it in a year – get rid of it. If your clothes are in decent enough condition but they’re just not for you, then why not donate them to charity or sell them? They’ll be taking up valuable space that you can free up for other things. While you figure out where to put them, rent out a personal storage unit for you to store these items temporarily.

Give it a Clean

Once you’ve had a bit of a clear out, give the whole room a thorough clean – you’re guaranteed to go to bed happier. Your bedroom will feel more spacious, welcoming and super relaxing.

Consider your Colour Scheme

Choose light, bright colours to make your bedroom feel more spacious. Dark colours will make it feel more enclosed and, most likely, cluttered.

Get a Routine

Build time into your routine for decluttering. Put aside five or ten minutes a day to put your clothes away and get rid of any mess, and you’ll feel instantly better.

You need Mirrors

Mirrors will make the room feel bigger and more spacious. You could buy a mirror with storage or even a mirrored chest of drawers – there are so many options.

Buy Drawer Organisers

Your life will be made so much easier if you buy boxes or trays to go into your drawers. It may sound like organisation overkill, but drawer organisers are a great way to keep your storage ordered.

Make Use of Awkward Spaces

You might have some awkward nooks and crannies in your bedroom that are proving a bit of a waste of space, but can you make better use of them? Yes. You can install shelves on even the smallest section of wall, giving you a place to stack books and trinkets. Perhaps your room is in the eaves – can you build in some low cupboards? Also consider wall hooks and recessed shelves.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a spacious, organised, relaxing room in no time!

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