Essential Things to Consider When Choosing Sunglasses

Apart from the purpose of fashion and beauty, sunglasses are important items in life. They protect the eyes from dust and UV rays. Doctors always recommend wearing sunglasses every time you go outside. However, you need to know the right sunglasses that will provide the right protection. With the numerous options available today, it can be quite a challenge to choose the right sunglasses. Luckily, this article is available to guide you through the process of buying the right sunglasses. It has listed down several factors you need to consider.

Consider UV Protection

The most important reason why people wear sunglasses is to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun. therefore, before you go choosing the color or considering the cost of the glasses, confirm if they offer UV protection. UV protection is not about the color of the lenses. It is the additional chemicals added to the lenses to keep off the rays. Therefore, make sure the sunglasses can provide 99% UV protection.

Look for Special Features

Most of the sunglasses come with special features to improve comfort and experience. For instance, goodr running glasses have polarized filters that help in removing reflection when the sun hits smooth surfaces like pavements or water. Another important feature is mirror coating that reduces the amount of light reaching the eyes. For an atmosphere with high glare, coated sunglasses are the best. Gradient tint also helps in cutting down the glare from reflected surfaces.

Choose a Bigger Size

When choosing the glasses, go for a bigger size. The more the glasses cover your face, the fewer the light from the sun. However, when choosing a bigger size, do not forget to consider the fit and your comfort. You can also choose a big size that wraps around your eyes to prevent excess light from seeping in. If you love fashion, then sunglasses with bigger lenses will do you good.

Check the Lenses

You also need to check the quality and tint of the lenses. Make sure you go for a bit darker lenses but not too dark. You can always scrutinize the lenses to see how perfect or imperfect they are. If you want to know perfect lenses, check if the edges move, curve or sways when you move the glasses. The lenses come in different colors like gray and amber. When choosing the lenses, always remember that the darker colors are not equal to UV protection.

Face Shape

This is another important aspect that you cannot skip on. As much as you want sunglasses for protection, you also need to make sure you look great in them. That means choosing sunglasses based on the shape of your face. For a square shape, look for round and or shield glass shapes. If your face is heart-shaped, then cat-eye or retro square sunglasses can go well with you. You can also choose cat-eye, rectangular, and retro square shapes for round-shaped faces.


Sunglasses are prerequisites for both eye protection and style. Therefore, whenever you are buying a pair, it is always vital to ensure you can achieve these two aspects. Just as you will look great and stylish in them, also make sure that the sunglasses are protecting your eyes.

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