Design Trends Throughout The Years

Fashion changes very quickly. This applies not only to clothing trends but also to interior design. Each room in a house should be unique design. An abundance of design solutions allows house owners to choose the most suitable design. Not so long ago, people clearly followed the set trends, choosing the necessary decor elements. All rooms looked stylish but had the same design, so everyone felt at home when visiting.

Now house owners are more likely to deviate from established norms. An unusual design is created based on personal preferences with addition of stylish decor elements. Contact Chameleon-decorators to find out what decoration will better highlight the advantages of your home. Experts will advise you on the best interior solution and help you select the best wooden windows.


The 90s were distinguished by the predominance of natural materials, which were chosen for decoration and interior design. The walls were painted with natural shades, furniture was made of soft-touch fabrics of delicate colours. Living rooms were not bright, as the owners preferred:

• natural wooden colours;

• red, burgundy.

• pastel colours;

Timber windows remained the hottest new trend. They perfectly complemented any interior with their environmental friendliness and natural look. In many houses, double-glazed windows have been installed for a long time. Dozens of years didn’t pass unnoticed, so there were cracks and rot on the surface. To perform a sash window repair and keep the original appearance of the windows, contact the company, information about which is presented at


The new millennium has set its own interior design trends. Living room colours have become brighter, decorative elements used decades ago have re-appeared. Modern TVs were placed on vintage shelves. For this, wooden surfaces were treated with patina.

The only thing that hasn’t changed are windows. House owners were still careful about the wooden double-glazed windows. This design provides excellent protection from the cold and fits perfectly into any living room style. If a draft appeared, then additional protection or double glazing was installed. No one was in a hurry to change such windows for a plastic one, because windows made of natural wood allow to preserve the charm of the house.


Those who moved (or lived initially) into small houses faced the problem of excessive number of belongings. Giving preference to minimalism, house owners began to throw out unnecessary decorative elements. Practicality and conciseness were the main thing in design.

To visually enlarge small rooms, the walls were painted with light colours. Sash windows can be repainted too, so the frames were discoloured or tinted beige. House owners tried to decorate their living rooms in such a way that they were in line with fashion trends. While natural materials have remained the highlight of the decor in any decade.

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