6 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Simple

A wedding can easily turn into a big, complicated affair that requires a lot of time, money, and effort. And that’s completely fine for some people. But if you are more into an intimate celebration, this article will help you simplify your wedding plans and avoid getting overwhelmed with chores.

Although the pressures of the wedding preparations can’t be entirely prevented, there are steps you can take to alleviate some stress of your big day. 

If you want to keep your event as simple as possible, here are six ways to have a fuss-free wedding! 

1. Stick to a Small Guest List

A cozier group of guests requires less work, but keeping the list small isn’t easy, especially if you have a big family. On the flip side, a shorter guest list also means reduced expenses and a more manageable event. 

It may be unrealistic to hope for 20 guests only, but even whittling your list from 300 to 150 guests is a success. Sometimes just limiting the list to the first cousins of your parents will do the trick. 

And as a bonus, you’ll get more quality time with your loved ones! 

2. Keep the Menu Simple

If you don’t go for an extravagant, fancy dinner, you can keep the costs at a reasonable level. So, how do you pull it off? Stick to a few simple, key dishes. If you go with a caterer, you can get an exceptional menu without overcomplicating things.

Pick one cuisine theme instead of overwhelming the taste buds of your guests. For example, if France is your favorite destination in the world, you can go with crepes and croissants. 

Less can be more, even when it comes to your wedding menu! 

3. Opt for a Venue that Naturally Looks Amazing

The right location sets the tone for the entire wedding, and it also accounts for up to half of your wedding budget, so it’s one of the most important aspects of your big day. Naturally beautiful places are your best bet when you’ve decided on a simple wedding.

For example, New Zealand and especially Queenstown wedding venues are popular wedding destinations for that exact reason.

Having a venue that provides a perfect backdrop, like lush green slopes, snow-capped mountains, or a cozy villa, will require minimal décor and less effort on your side for the entire event to be magical. 

4. Stick to a Minimal Décor 

Keeping the decorations simple equals little trouble and little expense too. Even a few floral arrangements, some candles, or some other kind of beautiful décor can enhance your wedding and make a huge impact if you do it right! 

For instance, hanging string lights from the ceiling of your venue will create a one-of-a-kind, romantic ambiance.

Playing with creative lighting is a great way to compliment your space. For a hint of glamour, drape the ceilings and see your it transforms in no time! 

5. Ditch the Fancy Invitations 

Traditional wedding invitations can be pretty expensive, and the whole process can take some time, so if you’re going with an intimate affair, there is an easier way to deliver a successful invitation! 

You can let your creative juices flow and craft your own invitations that represent you as a couple as well as your aesthetics. 

6. Ask for Help and Delegate! 

A lot of couples fall into the trap of trying to do all the preparations on their own. There is a lot to do and a lot to think about, so enlisting a few friends and family is a great way to take some burden off your chest and include your loved ones in your celebration.

They usually love to help and enjoy being a part of the wedding in that sense. They can take care of the little details and make your life a lot easier! 

And remember: your friends and family are coming to celebrate your marriage and enjoy your company so don’t stress about impressing them! 

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