18 Mistakes to Avoid while Designing Your Bedroom

Designing your bedroom is a great way to inject personality and style into your space. There is a lot of work that goes into designing your bedroom. From deciding on the color scheme to picking out furniture, there are many decisions to make and factors to consider. When designing a bedroom, it’s easy to make mistakes that are costly in the long run. Here are the mistakes people make when designing their bedrooms:

Mistake # One The one very common mistake in bedroom decor is ignoring the flooring. Tiles, area rugs, and wood all have their pros and cons; it’s up to you to decide what best suits your taste. Also, the flooring needs to be taken into account with the furniture that is selected. The easiest thing is to go with neutral flooring first and then buy different furniture accordingly.

Mistake # Two

Another common mistake people make when designing their bedrooms, especially for young children, is not choosing a neutral color scheme. It’s often best to stick with soft colors such as blues and pinks rather than bright yellows or greens because they are more calming and allow a child’s imagination to roam free.

Mistake # Three

Don’t make your bed the focal point of the room if you want it to feel bigger! The best way is to stick with lighter colors on one side of the bedroom wall behind a king-size bed, so there isn’t a harsh glare on the TV. Also, if you have an upholstered bedhead, try to pick a fabric with some texture.

Mistake # Four

Don’t use too many items on the dresser, and don’t stack anything up so high you can barely see out of your bedroom window. The best way is to use only one or two framed photos, a candle, and other small decorative items.

Mistake # Five

Don’t use red or yellow curtains. They can make the bedroom feel smaller! Instead, invest in a set of neutral-colored drapes that has plenty of light coming through them to brighten up your space. You can also use blinds or drapes instead of curtains.

Mistake # Six

If you are not using your bedroom as an office or guest room, try to get rid of any excess furniture and clutter that doesn’t have a purpose there! It’ll make it feel more spacious and inviting. One mistake people make is to have a bedside table with a lamp and nothing else.

Mistake # Seven

Use your bedroom for the purpose it was designed for! If you are using it as an office or guest room, make sure to designate that space accordingly. It can be tempting to use your entire home’s square footage but if you want to enjoy your home, make sure you are not neglecting the space designated for that specific purpose.

Mistake # Eight

Don’t forget floor rug consideration! The bedroom decor is often overlooked, but the floor rug is a good focal point for your room. Bedroom rugs are available in all shapes and sizes, from small to large. They are also available in many colors, textures, styles, and price points – so you can find the perfect one for your home!

Mistake # Nine

Don’t forget bedding color consideration! Your bedroom is a place where you have energy when you wake up each morning. Also, this is the area where you will spend a great deal of time relaxing and recuperating. So make sure to choose colors that feel good in your bedroom space, as well as making your bed one of those places you want to be in every morning!

Mistake # Ten

Don’t forget closet organization consideration! The organization doesn’t just happen in the kitchen and office. Closets are a great place to start when getting your bedroom organized, especially if you want some space for hanging clothes in there as well!

Mistake # Eleven

Don’t forget to think about what your bedroom should be for! Forgetting about the overall theme is a big mistake. For example, a bedroom with an industrial vibe will need different furniture designed with calming elements.

Mistake # Twelve

Don’t forget to add some spice! Throw in an accent wall or texture. You will be surprised how much of an impact it can have on such a small space. People’s most common mistake is that they don’t think about adding any prints or textures to the room.

Mistake # Thirteen

Keep it simple in the bedroom. You may have a lot of bumping into walls and nightstands if you go too crazy with decorating your bedroom, so keep things minimal while still looking chic. This way, you won’t feel as crowded when trying to sleep or walk around at all hours of the day.

Mistake # Fourteen

Don’t forget to add enough lighting! Many people make a mistake and think that just because they have a light above the bed, it’s not going to be dark in there at all day hours – this is false. You need lamps on each side of your headboard for reading and a little light at night. It’s just as important as any other light source throughout your house, so don’t forget it!

Mistake # Fifteen

Don’t be afraid to use color! You’re designing a bedroom, after all, not an operating room or hospital bed – go wild with colors and patterns. They bring life to a bedroom, and it will make you happier to wake up in the morning.

Mistake # Sixteen

Don’t forget this is your space, not anyone else’s! Make sure that whatever rug or area rug you choose goes well with what’s already on the floor – don’t put something colorful there if all of your floors are wood, for example.

Mistake # Seventeen

Don’t forget to insulate your walls! You want a quiet, peaceful space, away from the outside noise – you can do this with soundproofing techniques or by making sure that any windows are sealed off well enough, so it’s not too noisy and distracting when people are talking outside in their yard.

Mistake # Eighteen

Not considering the size of furniture when picking out pieces. It’s important to know that larger items may be harder to store and move around, so it’s best to consider space limitations before deciding on a piece for your room. If you opt for a larger piece, have some extra storage space when it isn’t in use.

Summing Up

It’s important to avoid these mistakes when designing your bedroom. If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Here are the most common design mistakes people make in their bedrooms. Don’t forget that getting quality rugs can help with any design dilemma! Let us know if you need help to find something perfect for your space. We have an amazing selection of rug options at RugKnots–all available online!

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