The Ins and Outs of a Bond Clean Service for Your Sydney Home

A bond clean or end of lease clean is a legal tenancy requirement where a renter must clean their unit before moving out, sufficiently restoring it to its previous condition. In Australia, it’s common for landlords or agents to give a bond back after the tenant has moved out and cleaned up. 

However, in many cases, extensive home cleaning isn’t practical if you don’t have time or the ability to do it yourself. This is where a bond cleaning service comes in handy – they efficiently clean the unit while you focus on other aspects of your moveout. 

Below we’ll go over the main factors you’ll need to consider before deciding to hire one.

What Does a Bond Cleaning Service Offer?

A Bond Clean Service in Sydney can help you prepare for your bond return. Bond professional cleaners will remove all traces of dirt, dust and grease from any surfaces in your property that are not considered part of the “dwelling.” They conveniently do the hard work while you carry on with your regular schedule.

Let’s assume you cannot spend hours on end scrubbing walls or removing grime from window sills or lack the special equipment needed for a thorough carpet clean. In that case, hiring end of lease cleaners is an excellent option for getting rid of dirt before departing. Professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment and experience to ensure your property is left spotless. 

What Services are Included in a Bond Clean?

Bond Clean Services in Sydney provide a range of services to make your property look more attractive and appealing, which include:

– Carpet cleaning (including high traffic areas)

– Tile/grout deep scrubbing & polishing for tiles and grouts

– Exterior window washing (inside windows not included)

End of Lease cleaners vs Hiring a Friend

If you are moving house, before the next tenant takes up residence in your rental property, it’s crucial to have a professional bond clean. When selecting a professional cleaner for an end of lease service or just general maintenance and upkeep, don’t risk cutting corners by using amateur providers.

You also don’t need to worry about liability with Bond Cleaners, unlike when hiring a friend. Every credible service has the necessary insurance and bonds protecting you if damage has been inflicted onto the property, giving you peace of mind. 

How Much Does it Cost in Australia?

End-of-lease cleaning services can cost anywhere from $240 to around $410, depending on the state of your property. If you have a typical 3-bedroom home that’s in good condition with few stains or difficult areas, then an end lease cleaning service will be about half that price at around $270.

However, if your house requires deep cleaning, which includes tough spots like ovens or wall staining and general wear and tears throughout the home, expect to pay anywhere between $240-$410.

Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Value for my Money

Make sure whoever offers this service guarantees their work or gives an unconditional guarantee and is reputable – if not, then take your business elsewhere! 

They should also offer different packages (including end-of-lease services) with varying prices so you can tailor them to suit your budget. Ask about any other extras like stain removal before agreeing on a price, as many companies will charge more if they have to clean up difficult stains.

Find the Right Bond Service

If you’re looking for a bond cleaning service, make sure you get the right one. Ask friends and family who’ve used the company before or search online reviews from previous customers to learn about their experience with the provider. It’s not enough that it looks like a reputable business on paper; stay in touch while your property is being professionally cleaned – don’t leave everything until after the job has been done!

Also, make sure someone checks out every square inch of your property, so nothing gets missed in the cleaning, such as things hidden away under furniture or appliances.

What are the Factors that Affect End of Lease Cleaning Company Prices?

The price can be affected by:

-How much notice you have given the cleaning company.

-How many cleaners they will need to complete the job, and if any of them are qualified tradespeople for tasks such as carpet/upholstery clean or tile scrubbing.

-What your property is made up of, e.g., timber floors vs tiles, brick surfaces etc. Surface materials may determine how intensive their methods should be so that results meet customer expectations. It’s essential to tell them upfront which option you prefer or what your budget allows before giving a quote (maybe mention what would best suit your needs).

If there are pets in residence, they must take extra care to remove pet hair from furniture and carpets. Hair removal usually consists of using a deep vacuum cleaner to suck them up and an appropriate product for removing pet odours.


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