Moving Abroad? Here’s How To Lower The Costs

Moving home can be a costly experience. Moving abroad can be even more expensive. It is manageable though, and there are some great tips for reducing the overall costs of your move abroad. Ranging from finding storage solutions to finding the right accommodation and property, here are some great tips.

Get quotes for shipping

One of the things that is often a last thought when moving abroad is the shipping costs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people but shipping your household items across the globe is expensive. In the same way that exporting and importing business goods is expensive, moving household items means it all adds up. Even if you are not filling up a container with all your goods, you’re likely to still be charged similar rates.

So, is there a way to reduce costs? Yes. But you may not like it. You just need to be really selective. It is manageable though. If you’re leaving the UK, then your electronics are likely to be useless if you are moving abroad. Despite there now being a gap in the market for electronic adapters, sometimes it just easier and less stressful to get electrical items in your new habitat as you know they will work.

One prime example is the fridge or TV. Unless you have a serious devotion to either of these items, it makes more sense to buy a new one when you’ve moved into your new property. You can recover the costs by selling your old fridge. You can buy a cheaper one abroad and also save money on the shipping costs. Can you see where we are going?

Book your flights well in advance

This is a lot easier said than done for many people. Sometimes, relocating for work or for personal reasons comes abruptly. You cannot always plan so far in advance that you can take advantage of cheaper flights. Booking in advance for travel usually means the prices are cheaper. If you have the opportunity to be given long-term notice then this is something you can consider.

If you are looking enough to have a date and plan, this is a great money-saving technique. If the property you are moving into abroad is ready and there is no chain, you can begin making preparations. If it is a new build, then you need to be slightly more careful to ensure there are no mishaps so make sure you’ve done your research and planning.

Plan for the long-term

As was mentioned earlier, planning for the long-term is easier said than done. However, you can save costs through self-storage, which is also less stressful actually. If you are moving abroad and have done the huge clear-out that was suggested earlier, then you can think about placing your items into self storage for six months. This sounds expensive and unnecessary but its more important than you think. Interestingly, whether you’re moving to the UK or away from the UK then safestore prices are actually an affordable way of saving money.

The reason it is important to plan for the long-term and put items into self storage is you just do not know if your move abroad will work out. No one can predict the future. Even if you’re adamant to make it work, it is still recommended that you have a backup plan and don’t get rid of everything. You can get rid of your fridge and TV as those items are accessible and available.

As you can see, the main ways of reducing your costs involve long-term planning where you can and also shopping around. Whether you’re looking around for shipping cost quotes, storage prices, or

cheaper flights, the further you can plan in advance, the more likely you are to able to reduce the costs.

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