Improve Your Pool Area With These Landscape Features

A well-maintained pool is one of the ways to increase your home’s value. It provides you the ideal place to spend time with friends and family. Instead of sourcing around for destinations to visit, you can always have your little parties and staycations around the home.

However, if not looked after well, the pool can suddenly look outdated. It doesn’t mean you have to overhaul the whole structure. You only need to introduce some creative landscaping features for a fun and fabulous new pool.

Some of the landscaping features to consider are;

● Trees

Strategically planting trees is the best way to integrate your pool as part of the backyard’s landscape. You however must stay careful to avoid trees that will shed and liter the pool during some seasons.

The size of the tree you place near your pool also matters. A tree that grows a lot means longer roots that might mess with the pool concrete structure and plumbing.

Some of the best trees for your pool landscaping include palm trees, citrus trees, Japanese maple, cascalote tree, and fruitless olive tree.

● An outdoor kitchen

Once you have a pool you will realize it is the best location for most outdoor events and pool parties. Complete the whole setup by introducing an outdoor kitchen. The kitchen comes with all the components of the main kitchen that allows for convenience. You also get to maintain contact with your guests at all times. Who knows, you may get more helping hands.

● Privacy fixtures

Nobody feels comfortable with nosy neighbors’ eyes all over them when lounging around the pool. You might also want to keep away from the kids and others in the house when in the pool. Whatever the case, you can achieve privacy in the pool through various means. The first option is setting up a privacy fence. However, ensure the pool meets the regularity standards for height and safety.

The other convenient options are creative and natural privacy installations like planting dense plants and bushes on the edge of the pool. Talk to Mr.Pools to help you determine the best privacy plants for your backyard.

● Lighting

From time to time, you will need to go to the pool during the dark hours. This is where proper lighting comes in. You can use lights in an artistic way to enhance the ambiance of the pool area and making it safe against slip and fall when dark.

Choose a lighting option depending on the landscaping theme. For example, for the romantic outlook, you are better off with hanging lights over the plants or on the patio. You can also go for tiki torches to match the plants in the backyard.

● Water features

Installing water features is the other way to improve your pool area. Even on a small pool, you can include a waterfall or a fountain with hardscaping infusion for the relaxing and tranquil touch. If you go all out then include a spa for the luxury and grandiose.

Having a pool in itself is a way to make your home more exciting. Now imagine including all the above aspects to fit your landscape. Enhancing the area around your pool makes the pool more appealing and it can soon become your most favorite spot at home.

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