How To Find A Reputable Air Conditioner Contractor

Finding a reputable aircon contractor isn’t always easy. Though there are many contractors to choose from out there, it can be difficult to know who you should trust with your home or business’s heating and cooling needs.

This article will walk you through the process of finding a trustworthy contractor so that you can finally stop worrying about whether or not your system will break down again in the middle of winter.

1. Referrals

Referrals are often the best way to find a reputable contractor because many people turn to friends or family members before calling around.

Ask someone in your immediate network if they know any good contractors that can help with air conditioning installation. If all else fails, it’s also worth looking online at Yelp reviews and Angie’s List evaluations of HVAC providers near you.

Many these sites have rating systems that allow users to rank out contractors on different factors like response time, quality, honesty, etcetera.

2. Call References

Call references for any companies you’re thinking about hiring. Make sure to ask if they were satisfied with the work performed by the company and whether or not there are any issues still unresolved.

A reputable air conditioner contractor will have no problem providing a list of their most recent clients, which can give you an idea of what type of projects they specialize in.

If possible, visit some of these homes to know exactly what your living space would be like after installation. You might notice something as small as a garage door blocking off access to one side of your home’s front entrance. This is information worth knowing before signing on the dotted line.

3. Check Their Licenses And Insurance

License and insurance requirements vary by state and country. For example, some states require contractors to be licensed, while others only need liability insurance. Contact your local government office for information on the specific regulations in your area.

4. Find Special Offers

Air conditioner contractors are in heavy demand during summer. And with so many people running air conditioning units around the clock, there is a lot of wear and tear on these systems.

To help ease that burden for homeowners, it’s important to find someone who offers special deals or discounts in the circumstances like flooding. Make sure you ask about any recent disasters beforehand—and be wary if they’re not open upfront about their prices.

5. Find A Contractor Who Does Home Evaluation

When you hire an air conditioner contractor, they will come to your home and evaluate the situation. This is when they’ll figure out if your house can support a full-size unit or not.

If so, then it’s probably best to end up getting one installed for them to work correctly. But this also depends on what kind of layout you have and how much space there actually is inside your home, which can be determined by measuring square footage and calculating room dimensions.

Air conditioning contractors typically charge per hour rather than per project. Once they get going with something like replacing units or installing new ones, they may need more time depending on where things are located within the home, whether installations need additional materials (or labor) to get them done correctly, and the number of parts that need replacing.

6. Negotiate

When it comes to hiring contractors, remember that everything is negotiable. You should feel comfortable asking for what you want and not be afraid of overpaying if the job warrants it.

This means getting all agreements in writing before signing on the dotted line. If a deal can’t be reached beforehand or there’s a discrepancy afterward, get out your contract-reviewing glasses and start reading.

7. Service Hours

Ideally, the service hours of a reputable air conditioner contractor should be at least Monday through Saturday. However, some companies will offer 24-hour emergency services and after-hours appointments on weekdays or weekends.

While these are not necessities for finding an excellent company to work with, they can help you feel more confident that your AC repair needs will be tended to when emergencies arise during non-business hours promptly.

To find out what business hours are offered by any specific HVAC contractor, call them up and ask. This is also one way to get even more information about their customer satisfaction rates and how long customers have been satisfied with their services before taking the leap into hiring them for yourself.

8. Experience

It is crucial to find a company that has been in business for at least five years. This will give you an idea of the quality of work they have done and how long it takes them to complete projects.

A contractor with experience knows what job sites entail, including paying fair wages and keeping materials stocked appropriately.


With these tips, you should be able to find a reputable air conditioner contractor without any trouble.

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