How can a subscription service add value to food businesses?

Subscription based products have been around for some time, but they were more popular in the health and beauty industry.

However, in the past year we have seen a huge boom in subscription based services in the food industry. This is a reflection of changing consumption patterns, as more and more people prefer simple but healthy meals that don’t break the bank.

If you have a food business, and you are considering adding a subscription service into the mix, you might be onto something here.

This can be a huge opportunity for your business if it is done the right way, and could potentially provide a lot of value to you and your customers.

So, let’s get into the details that would be relevant for a food subscription service.

What kind of value will be provided to the customer with a food subscription service?

Here are some of the ways the customer will be gaining if they choose to get a meal-kit subscription:

l It will be highly convenient for them. They only have to place an order once to get access to months worth of service! The food business is all about the customer and what they like and want. And the customer in this day and age prioritizes convenience, which is what you should be providing to them.

l It will be budget-friendly. These customers want convenience and also healthy meals at a good price. You have to make sure that the pricing is done in such a way that facilitates all of these things, while also being profitable. Meal kit services like Hello Fresh have an ample margin when it comes to profit, but people still find them cost efficient because of all the value they are getting.

l They get to try new things. People are often too busy to branch out with recipes and try different things which is why they usually stick to what they are used to. Your meal kit service can provide them recipes and ingredients that help them break from a culinary rut.

What kind of value will be provided to the food business with a subscription service?

Here are some of the ways that you as a business owner will be benefiting from a food subscription service:

l Consistent, recurring orders. This is perhaps the most important way a subscription service can add value to your food business. And an essential component that will facilitate recurring orders is a full fledge food subscription website. It is a crucial investment that you have to make to ensure that the subscription model works like it is supposed to. Website services like Flex Catering, will set you up with an amazing website that will automate the entire ordering process in the best way possible.

l It will add value in the long term. While the short term benefits are plenty as well, the long term benefits of the subscription model are more profound. Recurring orders mean loyal customers, who can advocate for you to other people. And we all know that is the best type of marketing. While this type of value is not tangible, it will definitely give its monetary return in time.

l Increased volume of orders. Your business can potentially get a lot more value as compared to a food business that is reliant on single transactions.

In the end, a food subscription model does seem promising but it has to be executed the right way. You have to have an edge that will make your food business stand out from all the other businesses that are out there right now.

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