Electric Bike Maintenance for Beginners

An electric bike offers an excellent opportunity to explore your neighborhood. There are, however, some key maintenance steps you should consider as a beginner. Review these key steps to get the most out of your bike before shopping for a bike rack for electric bikes.

Clean the Chain

Keep these moving parts gliding smoothly with routine care and cleaning. The chain of any bike is one of the most important areas to inspect. An e-bike needs the same chain care for long-lasting performance.

Inspect it at least once a month for signs of dryness, corrosion, looseness or sticking links. A chain brush and lubrication should be all you need to maintain these moving parts. Routine maintenance can extend the lifetime of your chain, but if it’s been years since you’ve cared for your chain you may need to replace it.

Tighten the Spokes

The spokes on an electric beach cruiser need the same level of care as the spokes on a traditional bicycle. Every month, look for uneven, loose or broken spokes. Broken spokes need to be replaced to keep consistent tension around the wheel.

Use a tool to adjust the tension of loose spokes. You may need to go around the entire wheel to be sure every spoke is adjusted properly, or one area may have more tension than another.

Inspect the Tires

Check out the rubber on your men’s or women’s hybrid bike for signs of wear or dry rot. After about 2,000 miles of riding, it may be time to replace a tire or perform a repair. Don’t just look for bald spots, but carefully inspect the entire tire for rocks or other debris that could be embedded.

Bicycle tire patch kits work great for repairing minor issues or keeping your ride road worthy as you finish up a route. For long-term care, however, your e-bike deserves new tires without signs of dry rot or excessive wear.

Charge the Battery

The last thing you want to do when you purchase an electric bike is to plug it in and wait around. Unfortunately, this is the best way to maintain the battery. Charge it for at least 12 hours before your first ride. Try not to fully drain the battery, but keep it at 30% charge or higher.

Electric bicycle batteries are designed to be weather-tight and work well outdoors. It’s still a good idea to protect your battery from extreme temperatures and long-term direct sunlight. These elements could reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Plan the Trail

Know the limits of your e-bike. While the electric motor and sturdy design of a highly rated e-bike may give you the confidence you need to hit a range of trails, you shouldn’t try to overdo it. Avoid extreme terrain and extended trips without the right gear.

Enjoy the Ride

From a city commute to your favorite bicycle trail, an electric bike is a great way to spend time outdoors. Order a highly rated e-bike online and follow these maintenance steps to make the most of your new favorite ride.

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