7 Best Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers in Palm Springs, CA

When you’ve decided that you want to take advantage of the benefits of an evaporative cooler in Palm Springs, CA, it’s important to explore the options. Various manufacturers exist, each offering various benefits and price points. You’ll want to consider which manufacturer is capable of offering you the best cooler based on the needs of your home or business.

There are quite a few manufacturers of evaporative coolers across the U.S. Most are based in dry areas of the country such as California, Arizona, and Texas because of the cooler’s ability to add moisture into the air. While there aren’t many manufacturers located specifically in Palm Springs, there are various distributors and installers that you can rely on, too. Exploring your options can help you to explore the diverse market.

Premier Industries, Inc. Premier Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing evaporative coolers in Palm Springs, CA since 1983. While their flagship product is an industrial swamp cooler, they also provide models for residential and commercial clients. The units vary in size and there are ways to customize with various accessories. Portable units are also available, many of which are on wheels.

The units are equipped with stainless steel construction and a highly efficient cooling media. Models can deliver up to 16,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and feature forward-curve blowers. Various discharge configurations are available depending on the space. Additionally, all units feature a 10-year rust-through warranty, which is exclusive to Premier Industries.

Johnstone Supply

Johnstone Supply is a distributor that has been servicing California since 1953. They work with a number of manufacturers, including Breezair, Comfort-Aire, and more. Since the company works with so many brands, they owe allegiance to no one. It allows them to recommend a unit based on the individual needs of the space.

The company will work to distribute and install standard evaporative coolers. Additionally, they offer portable units that can be used on patios, in garages, and in other areas.

Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt is a manufacturer of swamp coolers that have been working in various construction applications since 1965. The evaporative coolers are most commonly offered for rent. These can offer spot cooling solutions in such places as workshops, gymnasiums, and warehouses. The units are 225 pounds and offer a 4-ton cooling capacity.

The manufacturer also offers custom cooling systems that can be used for residential and commercial applications. Further, they offer 24-hour emergency services in the event that a unit fails.

Spot Coolers

Spot Coolers is actually the distributor in California for the brand MovinCool. The company specializes in portable cooling solutions including portable air conditioning units and portable swamp coolers.

Spot Coolers identifies that they are the largest stocking distributor of MovinCool. They’ll help identify the best portable unit for a home or business. Clients can expect such features as large casters for improved mobility and a user-friendly control panel to control both the temperature and humidity.

Diversified Heating & Cooling

Diversified Heating & Cooling has been in business for over a decade. While they specialize in air conditioning and systems as a contractor, they do work with various manufacturers and distributors. The company advertises being open 24 hours to ensure that they can service units.

They focus on HVAC but will also provide energy audits. Swamp coolers offer energy efficiency, and they will offer free estimates. Standard and portable units are available from Diversified Heating & Cooling.

Accurate One

Accurate One has a convenient location in Palm Springs. As an AC contractor, they work with several different manufacturers and models. The company offers air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services.

The company offers various energy-efficient systems and will work through the pros and cons of swamp coolers versus HVAC systems. This ensures that customers can make an informed decision.

Desert Cooler Specialist

Although based in Cathedral City, Desert Cooler Specialist also works with customers in Palm Springs. The company is not a manufacturer. Instead, they are an installer and servicer of swamp coolers. They specialize in evaporative cooling systems, ensuring that they can recommend the best option.

Desert Cooler Specialist advertises that they are a “warehouse on wheels” so that they can repair evaporative coolers on the day they are dispatched. It’s designed to save money and ensure that cooler temperatures are restored.

World Construction

World Construction is based in La Quinta, CA though they also serve the area of Palm Springs. The air conditioning and heating company focuses predominantly on HVAC. However, they will install and service swamp coolers.

The company doesn’t manufacture anything. Instead, they will rebuild systems that are damaged. If there is the desire to install a new unit or replace an inoperable unit, they will recommend a variety of manufacturers, allowing the client to choose.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

It’s important to choose a manufacturer that will provide you with the benefits that are needed for your space. A system should be affordable and easy to maintain. Additionally, you’ll want to look at a few features:

· The type of cooling media

· The size of the blower

· The power of the motor

· The various accessories

Don’t hesitate to ask about the various characteristics of the system. Learn how the fan section works, including the housing and access panel. Find out about the wet section in regard to not only the cooling media but also the water distribution system. You should also learn about the remote controls in terms of whether they are standard or optional. Some systems use a thermostat while others require manual switching.

Industrial, commercial, and residential coolers are on the market – and they can be used to cool spaces of any size. Understanding the innovative ways your space can be cooled will help you to determine which manufacturer to work with.

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