You Can Make CBD Edibles at Home

So you know about the near-magic healing power of CBD, that non-psychoactive compound hidden in cannabis all these years. But, did you know that you don’t have to suffer through store-bought CBD products — that you can make your own delectable CBD treats right at home?

Cooking with CBD takes some practice and some patience, but it is possible to make potent CBD products, especially edibles, in your own kitchen. Here are some tips and tricks for personalizing your CBD treats with success:

Starting With the Right CBD Products

Currently, the CBD industry is akin to the Wild West — there is essentially no regulation, and while plenty of businesses do their utmost to provide high-quality CBD oil for sale to consumers, plenty of other businesses are behaving unscrupulously. Tests on products have found that many do not include the concentration of CBD advertised on the packaging; some tests have also found the presence of dangerous and toxic compounds, like butane, formaldehyde, and heavy metals like lead and arsenic. Products you can trust. The trustworthiness of a CBD product increases when you find it in a trustworthy location, like an Ann Arbor dispensary or a dedicated CBD store. Shopping for CBD at these locations provides the added benefit that you can ask retail associates (known as budtenders in dispensaries) for specific recommendations based on your individual needs and interests.

When it comes to CBD for edibles, you don’t want to waste your money on the top-shelf brands and items. Exceedingly expensive tinctures tend to taste better on their own, as a result of the special care put into infusing them with additional substances like herbs for additional healing properties. However, the alcohol and additives are likely to be cooked out during the edible-making process, negating the extra expense. You are better off buying mid-range, high-concentration CBD oils, which will tolerate cooking much better and save you money overall. Consider trying Promise Drops CBD.

Choosing the Right CBD Recipes

Once you have your CBD in hand, you can start using it in your kitchen. However, before you start adding CBD to anything and everything you cook, you should recognize that CBD isn’t the easiest compound to work with. CBD is extremely sensitive to heat; temperatures that are too high or heat that lasts too long will degrade the CBD, reducing its effectiveness in promoting your health and wellness. Thus, you need to be careful with which recipes you integrate CBD into as well as when in the edible-making process you add your CBD.

When you are a beginner, it is best to stick to recipes that don’t require any heating whatsoever. For example, you can easily add CBD to smoothies or salad dressings without worrying about damaging the CBD compounds in the process. You can even find CBD-friendly recipes online, if you don’t feel comfortable adapting your own recipes into edibles. What is important during this learning process is better understanding your preferred dosage of CBD in edibles, which is likely higher than the CBD you administer under your tongue.

As you gain more experience and confidence with CBD in the kitchen, you can start experimenting with cooked foods. Still, you should look for ways to dose your foods with CBD after the heating process is mostly concluded, to prevent as much CBD decay as possible. For instance, you might dropper some CBD-infused olive oil over your finished pasta dish, or you might mix CBD into the frosting to top your brownies. Only once you feel especially comfortable working with CBD in your kitchen should you begin to play with heating your CBD, and even then, you should be careful not to ruin your CBD with wanton temperature.

Understanding the Effects

The human digestive system isn’t excellent at absorbing cannabinoids, which means that the effects that edibles produce tend to be much less powerful than other methods of CBD use. While you can compensate for this by adding extra CBD to your recipes, you should recognize that you might not be as aware of CBD’s effects when you consume the compound in edible form. As long as you are using CBD properly in the kitchen and are patient with your body while it absorbs CBD, you should still feel the healing effects of the drug.

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