The Best Roofing Materials to Choose

With roofing, the materials that you choose will determine how long your roof will be protected from the elements before it needs a repair or replacement. This is something that a professional roofing firm can help you to decide. So, if roofing in Lincoln, NE, take note of the advice that is on offer there. For a few pointers first, this article will talk about the differences between the materials in terms of longevity and other factors.

Asphalt Shingles

This is a chosen option by many because asphalt shingles are a cheap way to put a roof on a property. They do not last as long as other materials but, in the short term, they put a roof over your head capable of withstanding the elements when we are inside. There are higher maintenance costs associated with asphalt shingles, so long term you might decide on one of the other options below. Another downside to asphalt shingles is that they have a low insulation value, so it may be cost-effective to choose a more expensive option initially to save long term on your fuel bills. It is all about how you want to spread out your budgeting over time.


Roof tiles can be made from various materials, including concrete, clay, metal, double style roman roof tiles, and lightweight roof tiles. Slate is another option, which we shall discuss under the next heading.

Clay tiles are considered energy efficient and so cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Made of minerals from the earth, they can be considered a green solution to roofing. They are easily recyclable when removed and replaced. They might be more expensive to buy initially but they are low maintenance. In terms of their aesthetics, they have kerb appeal. They ideally need a professional to handle them because they are heavy and brittle.

Metal tiles are lightweight and easy to fit. They will also save energy in the long term. Generally speaking, metal roofing will come in 12 to 26-inch panels or in multiple-shingle sections. It is expensive, noisy, and dents easily, so you will need to balance this with its advantages.


The most desirable material of all, if you can stretch your budget to afford them. Although, they should be considered as more an investment than other roofing products because of how long they will last. Between 80-100 years is an underestimate if fitted and well maintained by a professional roofing contractor.

As a natural material, slate is an environmentalist’s dream material. There is no pollution in its manufacture and it withstands the test of time.

If you are into history, then you might be interested to know that slate was first quarried in the US in 1734. This was along the Pennsylvania Maryland border. Then, in 1785, the first commercial slate quarry was opened in Peach Bottom Township, Pennysylvania by William Docher. So, why not add yourself to that history by having a slate roof fitted.

Slate is very resistant when it comes to fire. It is capable of withstanding much higher temperatures than metal. So, it is a good choice for roofs and kitchen floors.

In conclusion, we have a vast choice of roofing materials, but this can quickly be narrowed down when we need to satisfy budget restrictions or when we are after a certain look. Natural materials are always desirable and slate offers longevity. If you want to construct a roof quickly then asphalt shingles are the quickest solution. If we think longer term, then we should weigh up the amount of maintenance required compared with the initial expense of the chosen material fitted. Consider all those listed above and be prepared to discuss your situation with a professional roofing contractor to end up with the ideal solution for you.

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