Relocating? Be The Backbone Your Family Needs

Moving home can be a stressful time for the whole family. As parents, you may struggle with the financial side of moving as well as all of the packing and arranging that you need to do. As children, moving home can be tough, especially if you’re leaving your childhood home and have fond memories. At times like these, your family needs someone to come through and be the person that makes it that little bit easier on them all.  A reputable moving company like can help you. 

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Today we’ve got some great tips on how to be the backbone and support your family needs when moving home.

Get as many people on board as possible

Moving all of your belongings from your existing property to your new one can be time-consuming and exhausting, particularly if you and your partner are doing all of the heavy lifting. Gathering your family and friends to help you move home is a brilliant way to speed things up and cut your workload in half. As a thank you for their assistance, you might offer them pizza and a few drinks once you’ve moved in. It’s the ideal time to throw a housewarming party!


If you don’t have any nearby family or friends who can assist you, you can find yourself in the same situation as before, where you have to transfer everything amongst yourself. In situations like these, hiring a moving company such as Best Of Vegas Moving Company that can also assist with packing may be a smart idea so you don’t have to raise a finger. This will also allow you time to finish your other tasks, such as making final home repairs or closing sales.

Sort childcare

If you have small children, getting them around as you go from point A to point B isn’t fair to them or to you. Make arrangements for childcare ahead of time so that your children can enjoy a day out with a family member or friend while you are settling into your new home. It will not only give you and your partner more room to do what you need, but it will also help to distract any children who are worried about the transfer.

If you’ve decided to hire experienced movers, why not plan a family day out while they’re at work? Perhaps a trip to Legoland or Seaworld would provide your family with the much-needed morale boost!

Organise sharing out belongings

As a family, you’ve most likely amassed a diverse collection of items over the years. As a family, sit down and decide what you’ll bring to your new home. Consider the size of your new house, as well as any amenities that might already be in place, such as white goods, when deciding what to keep and what to discard. There’s a good chance you won’t be taking many things with you, particularly if your children are of an age where they want to get rid of their childhood belongings, so it’s a good idea to look into skip hire to avoid hundreds of trips to the skip.

Get everyone excited

Moving home, as previously mentioned, can be a difficult time for children, particularly if you’re taking them away from the friends and life they’ve established in your current residence. Take the time to get the kids excited about the move by discovering fun things to do in the area, showing them around their new school, and even letting them choose how to decorate their room in your new house. Allow your children plenty of opportunities to learn about your new home so that they can become as excited as you are about the change. Allowing teens to have mobile phones in order to communicate with their peers would also aid in the forthcoming transition.

Hire storage space

Very frequently, you’ll have to vacate your current residence before entering your new one, which can be daunting because you’ll need to find a spot for all of your belongings. If your transfer dates conflict, consider renting storage space so that you and your family just have to find a place to sleep before you receive the keys to your new house. 

Clear your debts

One thing you can focus on is paying off your debts so that you can start this new chapter of your life debt-free. Pay off credit cards, make sure your bills are current, and settle all other debts so there’s one less thing hanging over your head. Keeping an eye on your credit score will also help you stay in the clear financially once you’ve moved.

Tie up loose ends

It’s easy to forget about stupid little things that need to be done before the big day while you’re moving, so take a look at these loose ends you should be tying up before the big day:

  1. Notifying delivery services, such as your milkman, of your move.
  2. Informing your neighbours that you are planning to move.
  3. Calling your internet provider and transferring your service so that you have a secure internet connection when you arrive at your new home.
  4. Notifying other service providers, such as gas, electric, and water, that you’re moving so they can give you a final bill.
  5. Paying off any debts you might have.
  6. Finalizing repairs to your house in preparation for the new owners/landlord.
  7. Organizing transportation for any pets you might have and ensuring that, if you must rehome them, they go to a caring home.
  8. Ascertaining that you will be able to move in on the agreed-upon date.
  9. Plan a get-together.


Finally, when everyone is feeling deflated because they know the move will be long and difficult, it’s a good idea to raise everyone’s spirits by throwing a farewell party. It would be easier to leave your home if you invite close neighbours, relatives, colleagues, and even your children’s friends over for a final farewell. Just make sure you have your party first before packing too much away, or you’ll end up sitting on cardboard boxes!

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