How to Take the Best Care of Your Teeth

Young woman flossing her teeth , close up , isolated on white background

Teeth are something that many people take for granted and only pay time and attention to when a problem occurs. Not giving your teeth the care they need can put you at an increased risk of dental problems and can significantly impact the appearance of your smile. 

If you feel embarrassed by your smile because you are unhappy with your teeth, this can have a major effect on your life. Feeling self-conscious of your smile can zap your confidence, make you shy away from meeting new people, and prevent you from taking up new opportunities. Your teeth may only make up a small part of your body, but they can certainly have a large influence over the way you feel about yourself. It is never too late to make changes to your oral health and improve your teeth, so it is crucial not to give up, even if you are unhappy with your smile. With the right dentist and some effort on your part, you will be stepping ever closer to achieving a smile that you can be proud of and super healthy teeth.

Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Did you know that not sticking with an effective oral hygiene routine can impact your general health, not just your teeth? Studies suggest a link between dental health and heart disease. People with gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis have a higher rate of cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks. So even if you are not concerned about the appearance of your teeth, keeping them clean for the sake of your health is crucial.

Brushing at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste is vital, but it is also crucial to floss your teeth every day to eliminate the debris that builds up between your teeth. Flossing helps to remove this bacteria-causing debris that develops into plaque. If you do not maintain your oral health and floss your teeth, this plaque can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Some people dislike visiting the dentist but unfortunately, avoiding seeing the dentist can lead to more serious dental problems in the future and more time spent in the chair for treatment. Finding a Dentist you trust to provide the best care for your mouth is essential and will help alleviate any fears of visiting the dentist you may have. If it has been a long time since you last visited the dentist, you may be concerned there will be issues that need to be treated. But, the sooner you go, the better the chance that these can be treated more quickly and taken care of completely.

Even if you have no current tissues with your teeth, it is still essential to schedule regular check-ups to keep your teeth healthy and spot any potential issues early.

Protect Your Teeth

While teeth may seem pretty tough, they can still be damaged quite easily. Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen, and this could result in damage to your teeth. Even falling over at home or in the yard could lead to dental damage. Tooth damage varies widely in its severity; it can be as minor as a chip to the enamel or as severe as a tooth being split or broken off entirely. 

It would be impossible to eliminate every risk of potential damage to your teeth, but there are lots of ways you can minimize the chances of this happening. If you play sports, it is especially crucial to protect your teeth by wearing a mouthguard. Some sports are more dangerous for teeth than others, but many Americans lose teeth playing sports every year, so it pays to be cautious. Statistics show that sports injuries are the cause of five million Americans losing teeth every year. So, wearing a mouthguard or gum shield is a wise idea if you are playing a sport that could cause damage.

As well as protecting your teeth when playing sports, it is also crucial to avoid using your teeth as a tool for tasks such as opening packaging and bottle tops. It is so easy to damage your teeth or the inside of your mouth trying to open things, so it is best to avoid doing this entirely to prevent accidental injuries from happening.

As you can see, taking the best care of your teeth is an ongoing process, and there are no shortcuts to a healthy smile, but the benefits of a confident smile far outweigh the effort required to maintain it. 

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