4 Ways To Make Your Home Smell And Look Beautiful

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The first things that your house guests will notice by the time they step into your home are its appearance and smell. Have you ever wondered why each time you get home from a long vacation, the house seems to have a weird smell?  Whatever scent you catch, that’s the same scent your guests will also smell. This only happens because the longer you’re exposed to a particular scent, the less likely you’re going to distinguish it.  

Thus, it’d be a good idea that you also pay attention to how your house smells, aside from its appearance. Some people say that a clean home smells like nothing. But, achieving this is almost impossible. With plenty of activities each family member does inside the house, such as cooking, playing with pets, kids running around, and just the daily life, your home is bound to end up smelling like different aromas.

So, don’t be surprised if there are days when your house smells like that chicken you just cooked, that milk your kids spilled in the living room, or that strong perfume your teenage daughter used before she passed by the living room and went out.  

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your house looking and smelling fresh every day. So, navigate below for the four ways you can improve the smell and look of your house and make it beautiful, even without using the artificial and chemical freshening sprays. 

Flowers in vase on the table at modern kitchen

Display Fresh Flowers Every day 

One of the simplest ways to add fragrance and color into your home is by putting and displaying fresh flowers!  Not only are you incorporating colors into your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, but flowers are also known to produce natural and appealing fragrances. Plus, there are endless choices of flowers out there that you can use to decorate and set the mood of your house for that day or week. You can go for roses, sunflowers, or peonies as your gorgeous table centerpiece! Keep in mind that flowers may smell foul if you don’t change the vases’ water often, so make sure to keep their water fresh, too.  

Incorporate Indoor Plants 

If you’re not into flowers, but still want living things in your home, you can go for the green indoor plants. Most house plants need less maintenance than flowers, which make them a perfect choice for people who want to make their home look and smell good without much effort and maintenance.

House plants may not produce as good a fragrance as flowers do. Still, their leaves will act as an air humidifier and freshener, therefore cleaning and purifying your air from the different mixtures of aroma you’ve exposed your home into. Plus, indoor plants will also make your home visually appealing, so make sure you arrange your plants in an artful and organized way.   

Throw Open Your Fancy Windows 

When was the last time you bothered to open your windows?  Perhaps, you seldom open your windows because it’s below zero degrees outside or you just forget about them every time. However, during the hot summer months, use your windows to your advantage and push them wide open. They may not directly make your home look beautiful, but open windows will easily let the natural light in, illuminating and brightening up your home!  

Plus, the fresh, natural air outside can easily whisk away the lingering smells inside your house. The fresh air from the outside may not exactly smell something like fresh flowers, but the clean and fresh scent is already enough to remove the stinks from the inside. So, while the cold weather is still away, open your windows now! 

Create Jar Room Scents 

It’s easier to buy artificial air fresheners from the market to get rid of the smell you have inside your house. However, some of them may cause allergic reactions to some of your family members who have asthma, and these sprays often contain chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to your health. So, instead of the ready-made ones in the stores, you can create your own jar room scents.  

If you use glass jars at home, you can use them by filling them with rosemary or thyme herbs, pine twigs, slices of citrus fruits, cinnamon spices, and extracts of almond. From these ingredients, you can create multiple pleasing scents. For instance, you can mix the rosemary herb, vanilla extract, and slices of lemon for your first jar room scent, then soak them in warm, heated water. 

For the second jar scent, you can mix cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange slices, and then soak them with heated water. Once you’ve filled all your empty glass jars with different mixtures of scent, you can display each of them in the areas of your home where you want them scented. Not only will you make your home smell beautiful, but these jars also look colorful and adorable.

Wrapping Up! 

There you go—four simple ways to make your home smell and look beautiful, without costing much fortune!  The best thing about these options is that no synthetic and artificial scents and chemicals are involved in these options, making them safe for you and your family.

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