What to Do before Calling a Junk Removal Service?

Do you often feel anxious and depressed? 

Do you feel difficulty focusing or sleeping? 

The junk lying around your home is to be blamed. 

Studies have shown that living with clutter can make you anxious and interfere with your sleep pattern and ability to concentrate. Not just this, it can also hinder your productivity.  

If your home has started to look like a garage, it’s time for you to call a reliable junk removal service.   But before that, you must do some legwork. 

Whether you want to get rid of the trash lying in your garage or the renovation waste, household waste, or yard waste, here are some steps to follow before the junk removal service takes over. 

  • Make a list of the stuff you want to throw away 

Making a list will help you get the exact quote from your junk hauling service. Hence, before calling an Estate Cleanout Services Sheboygan, go through your junk and enlist everything.

Junk comes in all forms. The junk lying around your home could be anything- old clothes, electronics, old magazines or newspapers, or any other thing for that matter. While sorting out the junk, you may come across many things you never knew you own. You may also find some stuff that can be recycled or donated.

Making a list will help you get the exact quote from your junk hauling service. Hence, before calling a junk removal service, go through your junk and enlist everything. 

  • Create different piles 

Once you know what’s all lying there in your garage, start sorting the junk. Make three piles- things you want to keep, things you want to give away, and things you want to throw. But make sure you don’t retrieve the waste just because you have emotions attached to them. That doll may have been very precious for you when you were young; salvaging it from junk won’t serve you any purpose now. Instead, donate it to someone who can’t afford to buy one for themselves. Also, make sure you only donate the items that are in good shape and can be used. 

  • Check the resale value 

If you are removing junk after a renovation project, consider checking the resale value of the junk. Stuff, like antique wood doors, handles, hinges, brass fixtures, knobs, etc., have good resale value. So, before you discard these items, get them appraised. You may make some money out of the trash. 

  • Sort your closet and household items 

As you already know, the junk doesn’t just lay in your garage or backyard. Look around your home, and you will find a lot sitting in your living room, bedroom, and closet. So, before you call a junk removal service, sort your closet and household items also. 

Take out all the clothes that you don’t wear and give them away to a charity. Salvage your old gadgets from the drawers and cabinets and give away the ones that are still in working condition. 

  • Call the junk removal service 

Once you have completed this drill, call your junk removal service to take care of all the unwanted items. But do not trust any junk hauling service. Make sure you have researched well about the service provider. Find out their disposal practices and select the service that uses sustainable measures to discard the junk.

The bottom line 

Disposing of waste is a big task. But with a proper plan, you can simplify the entire process. Moreover, with the availability of junk removal services, the humongous task of discarding the waste has become a lot easier. 

So, stop living with the waste that is hampering your wellbeing. Follow these tips to sort the waste and call a reliable service to take the junk out of your home. 

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