What Really Happens When You Overlook Renovations?

For some homeowners, renovations are an exciting opportunity to achieve the dream space at last. Such individuals can’t wait to get stuck in with planning, booking all the right professionals, and trying their hands at DIY where possible.

For some of us, however, major work in the home can feel like a stress best avoided. In these instances, the idea of even thinking about where to start can feel too much like hard work. Not to mention the financial burdens of doing so!

In reality, though, while there is sure a thing as non-essential renovations, tasks like rewiring, bathroom remodels and kitchen refits can sometimes become essentials rather than preferences. In this instance, inaction really isn’t an option. At least, not unless you want to come face-to-face with these issues. 

Drastic value decreases

We all know that renovations can increase property value, but what’s less spoken about is the fact that a lack of action on the renovation front can actually do the same, sometimes more quickly than we think. This is especially the case in terms of leaks, damp patches, or broken appliances, but it’s also true in a perfectly functional, but dated, space. This is terrible news if you have a mortgage, as it could soon see your loan repayments costing more than your property is worth, leaving you in negative equity that, ultimately, keeps you stuck.

Make sure it doesn’t happen by taking steps towards renovation at least once every ten years or so. Even if you have to seek a refinance home loan comparison to make this possible, you can bet it’ll still be more lucrative than letting things slide. At the very least, this step will ensure that you can afford to sell your property and move on at some stage in the future. 

Escalating costs

Given that cost is a common reason for renovation avoidance, it’s also vital to note that expenses here don’t just disappear because you look the other way. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, costs in neglected areas will only escalate. Failure to refit that bathroom, for instance, could lead to leaking pipes that cause rot in your floorboards, dampness in your walls, and so on, and so on. When you consider the expense of all those repairs, the refit definitely seems preferable! The same can be said in the vast majority of renovation cases, so while there’s nothing with avoiding something like an attic conversion if that doesn’t suit, it’s fair to say that you can’t afford to neglect the rooms that you already have. 

Creeping dissatisfaction

Even if you think you’re helping yourself by keeping renovations on the backburner, there will soon come a time when you can’t ignore the impact of your inaction any longer. In this instance, you may start to notice that you avoid coming home, or that you feel undeniably uncomfortable in your space. This is terrible news, and the only way to overcome that feeling is to update, redesign and, you guessed it, renovate.


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