Two Body Contouring Treatments NYC is Crazy About

It has come to our attention that NYC residents are getting more and more excited about body contouring and curvature. This comes as no surprise since curves have been a really hot trend in recent years. To be fair: having a little extra volume in certain areas of the body (especially on the buttocks, thighs, and hips) has been a beauty trend for centuries.  

There are plenty of other cosmetic treatments that deal with the body besides these two. So you most likely have a wide range of question from how the treatments work to something more specific like the average EMSculpt cost. A non-invasive procedure that utilizes special magnetic muscle contracting technology causes the muscles to convulse at fast rates. This equates to them doing an insane amount of exercise in an equally insane short period of time. The results present themselves as perfectly toned and strengthened muscles, which look and feel bigger. But this is just one of the many other cosmetic treatments out there. You can find plenty more including the following two that we’ll be looking into with greater detail.

While the methodology and the practices these two treatments involve are quite different, they are both tasked with one goal: to enhance body curvature and bring out those attractive contours. Both these treatments are quite interesting in how they work and the results they bring out. Learning more about them can potentially help many people out there in getting the curves they have always dreamed of. 

Sculptra Butt Lift 

The Sculptra filler compound acts somewhat similarly to other fillers, like Juvederm or Restylane. These two are more commonly used with facial rejuvenation and volume restoration. They are a special hyaluronic acid-based gel, which is injected into key areas of the face where there is hollowness as a result of fat loss, the volume has decreased and the face looks tired and saggy. 

 Loss of facial fat is a natural process that happens with everyone, where the pockets of fat under the face that are responsible for keeping the skin tight and lifted, deteriorate, causing the skin to sag as a result. Dermal fillers fill in these areas and restore volume to the face, making it look younger, more energetic, and more vibrant. 

 Now let’s apply this to the butt, which is not much different, although the process does have its deviations from the traditional facial rejuvenation. 


Similar to hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra is injectable, making it a minimally invasive treatment. This means other than tiny holes made during the injections, there is no other damage done to your skin or body. Some cosmetic treatments leave behind scars and other kinds of marks after the treatment. Other than some there is slight bruising in the injected areas, which itself may or may not happen, there is no other damage done to the body. 

 This means a shorter recovery time for patients, as well as less painful side effects. So after the treatment is finished, there’s less to worry about. No having to buy additional medication just to deal with the side effects. The treatment requires two to three sessions with two to four weeks of intervals. This is done to ensure that your body is not overloaded with the compound all at once and has some room to breathe. 


The results of the treatment are not immediate. Polylactic acid found in Scuptra initially increases volume and plumps up the area, but then it fades away and this initial volume is lost. A lot of patients end up confused by this and think that the treatment was ineffective. However, this is a normal part of the process. Once this initial volume decreases, the body then absorbs the Sculptra compound, which results in additional collagen formation.  

 Collagen is a protein found in your body that is mainly responsible for its structural integrity. The more of it there is, the tighter and healthier your skin is. Basically, the results improve over time until you find yourself with a fuller, more round buttocks and with more pronounced curvature. 

 Brazilian Butt Lift 

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) also promises more accentuated curves and greater volume in the posterior. However, it accomplishes this through a different method. It’s also a very famous treatment, especially in major metropolitan areas. With the availability of BBL as well as Sculptra NYC clients have plenty of options when it comes to enhancing cuvature. 


This is where BBL and Sculptra part ways. While Sculptra mainly relies on the filler gel to increase volume in the posterior, BBL gets a little more creative. There are pockets of fat stored in areas all across the body, including in areas where they may not be as welcome, like the hips and waistline. 

 During the procedure, the excess fat is extracted from these areas of the body and is then repurposed by injecting it into the posterior. It sounds a little crazy when you first hear about BBL, but the procedure does work and it has brought about some of the best results in the industry when it comes to enhancing curves and adding volume to the butt. 


The BBL is very special, as it works on two fronts. You’re not just getting a curvature enhancement procedure with BBL. Since the fat needs to be extracted from other parts of the body, the BBL also ends up trimming away excess fat that was built up in other areas. So it’s not just a curvature enhancement that you’re getting with BBL, but also a fat reduction. 

 This fat reduction may be limited when compared to dedicated fat trimming procedures, like Kybella or Coolsculpting, it still can have visible results on both fronts. What makes the BBL so effective, is that the body’s resources are used to create results. Since the fat comes from your body and is not artificially created, by injecting it back, there is a very low risk of allergic reactions or painful side effects. A quick and easy recovery time is a very important factor in any cosmetic treatment and the BBL comes with this huge benefit for any looking to enhance their curves and get a little fat trimming done all in one great package.

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