Looking For A Partition System? Here Is Why You Should Install A Strip Door

Strip curtains or strip doors are one of the most commonly used partition systems for commercial setups with a cooler or freezer. These are the pocket-friendly barriers that help you separate two different spaces in closed quarters or help in improving the traffic flow. They are also quite handy if you’re looking to protect a particular area from wind and dust. The most common use of strip doors is to separate an refrigerated area from the non-air conditioned one. You can get these installed for a minimal cost to change your space the way you want. They are usually found in big shops or workstations where we need to separate the work areas into different parts.

Here are a few more advantages of getting a strip door for your place:

Cost-Effective & Energy Conscious:

When it comes to a cool or AC room, strip doors or curtains require minimum maintenance and are very budget-friendly. They are the cheapest way to help mitigate energy losses.

This is because an airconditioned room or building has an open door, it will result in loss of energy, plus it does not keep cool for a long duration. This problem can be controlled by installing a simple strip door. 

It works like a barrier that remains still unless an external object passes through it. It is permanently closed and opens only according to the size of an external item passing through it, saving more energy as compared to a door that opens entirely despite any size.

A PVC strip door, if installed, can help save energy by enabling lesser usage of air-conditioning systems. Studies have shown that these doors help prevent at least 70% air loss when doors are left open or ajar.  

These doors help in maintaining the temperature control of a room along with improving energy efficiency. They also help in reducing the maintenance costs of the refrigeration units where they are installed.

Noise Reduction & Isolation

Strip doors are usually transparent and help to isolate any external noise and create a more peaceful environment inside the room it is installed. It is known that installing a strip door or a curtain can help reduce up to 17 decibels of noise being created in the surroundings. These doors will help you cancel out all the street-noise and give you and your customers a peaceful environment to enjoy. Imagine how beneficial these will be for a noisy office where you often need a quiet space to set up private meetings or calls. They can also be excellent for break rooms.

Better Work Environment:

It is a known fact that a happy workforce will be more productive and deliver better results. By installing a PVC door, you create a comfortable space for your employees and they get to work harmoniously in a relaxed environment. Temperature-controlled rooms are hygienic, which helps you in creating a safe space and encouraging employee welfare.

Strip doors and curtains have proven their worth over the years and have been helpful for many commercial and domestic setups. They are super easy to install and maintain, and they help create a nice cool space for you that is hygienic and peaceful too. Invest in a good strip door and feel the difference! 

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