Indian Attire Styles During the Summer Season

Summers in India tend to get quite hot with temperatures going as high as 115 F in some places. With the attendant high humidity that characterizes coastal regions, the heat can make one wish he was elsewhere or had more comfort.

Although encumbered by this uncomfortable weather in summer, India continues to remain a top destination for tourists and explorers alike. This is likely due to its beautiful islands, tall peaks and deep forests, that attracts so many people. In short, India never has a scarcity of people. 

The implication of this temperature however is that you may not be able to wear traditional silk, sarees or satin. So what then can you wear during the summer? We share some ideas below;

1. Go White

Black colour absorbs heat. As such black outfits, and by extension dark ones, are a no-no in the Indian summer. In its place, white materials will cause heat rays to bounce off keeping the heat off you and helping you to stay cool. Also, white helps you to keep calm and stay collected. This is very useful as people tend to be on the edge as a result of irritation due to heat during the summer.

2. Keep it minimal

Indian summers are a good time to try on outfits with shorter hemlines. You can go don on sleeveless yet stylish outfits casually during the day and max them up further for an evening outing. Floral prints and pastels, Kitschy prints, and bright coloured outfits also add to the summer feeling and are perfect with the season. Maxi dresses are also highly rated for the beach and resort vibes which they give off.

You can also choose chic tops in cotton or linen. To project a casual/cool demeanour during this season. When shopping, try to pick out a variety of summer-ready Indian outfits; sleeveless, spaghetti’s, strapless, tubes or off-shoulder tops, for a cool and casual demeanour. 

When you wear this with shorts, skirts and trousers (perhaps darker bottom colors so it readily blends), you’d be ready to slay throughout summer. You can choose to pair your cotton tunics with pants or leggings; or choose to simply use a belt.

 3. Let cotton lead

Regardless of the time of day, no fabric is quite as convenient as cotton and you can pick from a wide range of cotton fabrics including the designer salwar kameez, organic tunics and dresses all of which make for very easy wear during summer. This is because these materials enable air to pass through easily keeping the skin aerated and the body cool. What’s more? Cotton fabric is considered eco-friendly so you can choose a cotton fabric and be proud of your fashion choices.

 4. The Salwar Kameez Way

Salwaar kameez provides a great option for anyone who wants to stay stylish for Indian events in the summer. Compared to Anarkali suits and lehenga choli, the salwar kameez is simplistic but it will help you battle the hot summer without being excessive.

 5. Why not Khadi?

Time was when this handmade fabric was very popular in India. It was Gandhi’s favourite and that of many Indians too but as more Indians embraced western wear, it was relegated to the background. Recently, however, the fabric is making a grand comeback because I can keep you cool during summer.

6. Line it up

Although linen has several textures and colours, it generally resembles netted cloth and allows the circulation of air freely. It also absorbs moisture.

7. Skirts and shorts

Your summer wardrobe is not complete if it doesn’t include shorts and skirts, both of which are great outfits for the summer.  When you smartly mix-match your skirts and shorts with your T-shirts of different colors, people think they are all unique outfits (Genius!).  

Go further by adding on a cute summer hat to the mix. Do this, and  you’d be making a summer-ready style statement!



Indeed, summer in India can get extremely hot and humid. However, getting it right with your dressing can save you a lot of trouble. Dressing for summer means: letting go of your jeans for loose or wider bottom cotton trousers; avoiding jackets, thick and dark materials; and doing away with slacks and synthetic tights. 

Whichever way, it will still be a worthwhile decision with enough clothes to fill in the gap.

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