Feeling cranky due to lack of sleep? Here is what you need to do!

Do you often feel cranky when you wake up every morning? If yes, then it is a serious concern. You cannot deny the importance of a good night’s sleep for your overall well-being. It is as important as other activities like eating and exercising.

Unfortunately, people nowadays are so busy in the hustle-bustle of life that many things hamper their resting patterns. Not only that, the quality of the slumber has also decreased. In short, sleep deprivation is the most common issue faced by millions of Americans. What is it, and why are we highlighting it? Let us find out!

What is sleep deprivation?

It is the result of not getting quality sleep. Medical experts suggest that every adult needs 7-9 hours of rest per night. But what do the statistics say? Nearly 35% of Americans can’t match up with this requirement. They tend to get less than what’s suggested by experts and doctors. Additionally, 70% of them reported to feel sleep-deprived regularly.

This situation can occur to anyone. It is more profound in people with multiple jobs or long shifts. Individuals who are facing a similar situation may also experience anxiety issues frequently.

But why is sleep essential for humans? Let’s find out now!

Enhances productivity and concentration – Our brain needs proper rest to function and to perform various cognitive tasks. If you are unable to get enough or quality sleep, it will start negatively impacting your brain functioning. A study revealed that quality sleep could enhance problem-solving skills and memory. So let’s focus on quality.

Boosts the mood – While you are in the rest mode, your brain processes your emotions. At this time, it recognizes the patterns that you need to be in order to react the right way.

When you do not get the required hours of slumber, you may feel negativity in your emotions. You may even face a mood disorder. Let us tell you a fact here! As per a study, when you are facing insomnia or sleep disorder, the chances of developing depression is five times more likely. And do you know the odds of developing anxiety, or panic disorder? It is even more. So, if you are having a bad day, dozing off will help you to hit the reset button. Moreover, you will have an improved outlook on life.

Strengthens immune function – Are you aware of the fact that loss of slumber can have an adverse effect on your immune system? Okay, so here it goes! When you lie down to rest, your body generates proteins called cytokines. Cytokines help you in getting away with the infection and inflammation, resulting in a stronger immune system. When we are resting, our bodies produce T-cells, which are a kind of white blood cells. They play a vital role in fighting off infectious diseases. All in all, it strengthens our immune function.

Now we all are clear with the fact that why is it necessary?

But what if you are facing the issues in getting one?

Don’t worry! We have got your back here. You just need to scroll down to create a perfect environment for sleep.

Visual design – You may think that when all you have is to close your eyes, then why does the design matter? But the reality is, it does matter! Develop the design in such a way that it should foster the feeling of calmness. For instance – muted colors are an excellent choice when it comes to instigating a sense of calmness. Some of these colors are blue, yellow, green, etc.

On the other hand, keep a check to not include any vibrant colors that can instill a feeling of aggression or alertness.

Comfortable mattress and bedding – Does your bed seem comfortable to you? Let us tell you that a good mattress and bedding can create all the difference in your good night’s sleep. You can select the mattresses according to your comfort level. You can choose from various mattresses like pocket coil, memory foam, or latex. The surprising thing here is that these mattresses are rolled in a box in an easy way for convenient shipping. Moreover, you can order them online too. That is why they are perfectly called a mattress in a box. It won’t compromise with your comfort level. What is another important element here? The answer is pillows. Long gone are the days when you had limited options of pillows to choose from. Now, you can opt from a variety of choices like memory foam, latex pillows, etc. Select the one that is durable and that supports your spine throughout the night. Prioritize your comfort.

Optimizing the lights – Optimizing the lights goes well with your circadian rhythm. What is a circadian rhythm? It is our body’s internal clock that helps in regulating the activities of the daily schedule. When it is bedtime, try to make your room as dark as possible. It supports the circadian rhythm. If you use a bedside lamp, don’t make it too bright.

Another important aspect here is to minimize the use of electronics in your resting space. Exposing yourself to the screens before bedtime can negatively impact your slumber. The blue light coming up from the screen makes your mind more alert, thereby making it hard to doze off. If you still want to keep gadgets in the bedroom, then try to avoid them at least an hour before bedtime.

Temperature check – Temperature is also one of the factors that determines your slumber. Ideally, the bedroom temperature should be between 60-71 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine this: If you wake up shivering in midnight or are drenched with sweat, then you highly need to look into the temperature. Why is it a big concern? Because it disrupted your slumber. Hence, the right temperature is really important when it comes to relaxing.

Reduce the noise – Relaxing in a quiet place is easier than in a place full of noise. It doesn’t matter if you hear just a bit of noise; you will come out of deeper relaxation mode at the end. You cannot compromise with the quality, right? Therefore, try to make the room and things as quiet as possible.

If you are facing trouble, then you can add some white noise. What does that mean? White noise helps in blocking out unwanted noises. So you can add an AC or a fan to get rid of the troubles.

Final words

Sleep deprivation can take a toll on the overall health. It can negatively impact your lives. But with little effort on your part, you can get a perfect relaxing time at your home. After all, who doesn’t want to relax when it is the best form of meditation?

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