Cool, Calm and Collected Ways To Soothe The Anxiety of Moving Home


Without a shadow of a doubt, moving home is one of the most significant life experiences there is. After all, where we live has a massive effect on our lives and can significantly impact our happiness and well-being. Of course, that means that moving home often comes with a great deal of anxiety as well. The good news is there are some strategies you can use to soothe this and have a cool, calm, and collected move. Read on to find out what they are. 

Plan ahead 

Shoving items into trash bags on the day of the move is not a smart idea if you want to stay calm. Instead, you must plan ahead and get a head start on the many tasks that will need to be completed before moving day. 

Indeed it can help to have an 8-week plan, broken down by tasks that should be completed each week. Such a plan should contain packing up each room, but also things like changing your address with the bank, making minor repairs, as well as cleaning and decluttering. Indeed, by slowing working up to the big day, and staying on top of things you can help to feel much more ready and in control when the big day comes. 

Recruit some help 

One of the biggest anxieties that people moving house face is that their furniture or possessions will be dropped or damaged during the move. That is why they opt for the friend and family option because they can explain just how precious their items are to them. However, it is worth knowing that there are also some very responsible movers out there. Just look for the ones that never use day labor or casual workers on their moving jobs. 

Make time for your emotions 

Next, if you want to minimize anxiety during a move it is important to take some time to identify and feel the emotions that you are experiencing. This is because, while it is possible to have a calmer mood, negative emotions are a natural part of life, and they will not be possible to abolish altogether. However, supplements like l theanine and gaba may help your mood as they aim to help you sleep better, which ultimately causes your mood to improve. 

Indeed, it is much more sensible to realise that there will be some sadness, and trepidation about aspects of the move, and to allow yourself to feel this without judgment. For example, organising a get-together where you get to say goodbye to friends and neighbours can be a great way of working through these emotions constructively. 

Find something to look forward to 

 Last of all, while the experience of moving day can be stressful, it can really help to have something positive to look forward to once it is all over. 

Choose something unrelated to moving or the home if you can such as going to see a movie, going out for a meal, or even giving yourself some self-care time in a spa. Then when you do feel your anxiety rise on the day, you can remind yourself that it won’t always be this way and you have some pure unadulterated fun to look forward to once it is all over and you are moved in. 

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