What are the Biggest Selling Points in a Property?

Are you looking to sell your home soon? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners have already put their property on the market, having decided to take the plunge with the stamp duty holiday being extended until the end of June 2021.

Whether you’re hoping to join them and make the most of the stamp duty holiday or you’ve not got a deadline in mind, it’s worth thinking about what makes your property attractive to potential buyers.

While local schools, crime rates, and what the community is like all play a role, the house itself is also a major selling point. So, are there any updates you could make that might make it sell quickly? To help you weigh up what might need to be changed before you add a ‘for sale’ sign to your front garden, take a look at these enhancements you could make.

Look at curb appeal

Prospective buyers see the outside of your house before they see anything else and first impressions count. Something as basic as an uncut lawn can be a real turn off for buyers, so take some time to tidy up the garden or invest in some plants to make your front yard pretty.

Jet wash paving slabs that might be in need of some TLC and paint any fences or gates, so they look pristine.

Inspect the exterior of your property itself to identify any signs of damage or repairs that need doing on your walls, paintwork, windows, etc. If you have a lot of damage you are unable to wort yourself, home remodeling companies can help you give your home a new lease of life by changing windows, doors, sidings, and more so your home looks as good as it should all year round. You will also find that these repairs can help you to save money on your bills if you have an issue with windows and doors that are unfit for purpose so the investment will be well worth it.

Outdoor space

Staying outside, think about the rear of the property. Outdoor space is a huge selling point. One survey revealed that 43% of UK adults list having a private outdoor area as their main priority.

This doesn’t rule you out if you have a smaller space. It just means that you might need to make some updates to make it attractive. For instance, you could invest in fresh outdoor furniture, add some plants, and make it a peaceful, attractive area.

Update the space

Does the kitchen need a revamp? Maybe it’s been a while since you looked at changing the bathroom.

A renovation of these areas doesn’t have to be expensive. If there are relatively small jobs that need doing, you could even attempt them yourself. For instance, you might want to re-tile the bathroom or paint the walls in the kitchen to make the space brighter.

If you think it might be worth investing in a new space, shop around to see what kitchens or bathroom suites are available and work to a budget. Or maybe you have an unexpected boiler break as you’re about to sell. This could play a huge role in whether someone wants to buy your property or not. A bad credit loan could help you fix or install a new one to avoid any major delays in the sale.

Storage solutions

Removing clutter allows buyers to visualise themselves and their belongings in the property, so use storage space to tuck away your own things. Make sure that any cupboards that are housing your belongings are clean too. Wipe away any dust and make sure they look good.

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