Spring Cleaning for Car Enthusiasts

With warmer weather outside and summer quickly approaching, it’s time to take on some spring cleaning for your vehicle. Take time to do a thorough deep clean for the exterior and interior of your vehicle and your most-used accessories, such as fender covers, to keep your investment looking beautiful. Here are some tips to help you tackle spring cleaning for your car and get it ready for spring and summer driving.

How To Properly Wash Your Car Cover

You can start your spring cleaning for your vehicle with your car’s cover. Car covers take on most of the wear and tear from the elements, so it’s important to freshen them up when you can. You’ll need to check the car cover manufacturer’s directions to make sure you clean it properly.

If your car cover is made of soft fabric, it may be machine-washable. Check the label for this and use your washing machine to get the grime and muck off of it. You should load the car cover by itself into the washer to get the best results. You may need to skip the dryer and have it air dry instead to prevent it from shrinking.

For larger car and rv covers, you may need to wash them by hand. Start the process by putting the cover on your vehicle and filling up a bucket with water and a mild soap. Use a garden hose to rinse off the car cover and loosen any dried-on dirt or grime.

If you have stubborn stains that are deep-set into your cover, such as bird droppings, grease or tree sap, you may need a special product that lifts stains or removes certain compounds. Some of these cleaning products can be sprayed onto the cover and left for a few hours to help remove the stain. After rinsing the cover off, use a large sponge and your soapy water to wash it. Then, turn it inside out and put it back on your vehicle to do the other side. Hang the cover to let it air dry.

Best Cleaning Products to Give Your Car That Clean Sparkle

After cleaning your car cover, the next thing to focus on is your actual vehicle. You’ll need to do some deep cleaning of the interior and its exterior. There are several recommended products to have on hand to give your vehicle a glow-up.

For the exterior, start with a good-sized bucket that can hold at least five gallons of water. Get a car washing mitt, a soap for your finish, a pressure-washing hose and some wax to give your vehicle a little shine. Consider buying a special nozzle for your hose that can handle the demands of car washing and some microfiber towels to dry your vehicle off. When pressure washing a car, you have to be careful because too much pressure can actually remove the paint and damage your car.

The interior also needs specific products to make it sparkle. Foaming interior wash for cloth seats is a good option or a special leather cleaner for that type of interior. Choose a special interior cleaning product to handle the dashboard and instrument panel. You can use a standard glass cleaner for the windows.

Your car can look amazing this spring and summer if you do some detailed spring cleaning. Invest in some car cleaning products to make your vehicle look showroom-ready again.

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