How to Size the Right Carport for Your Situation

A carport is an excellent accessory that is used to protect vehicles such as boats, cars, and RVs. During rain, hailstorms, and sunny weather, one requires a carport. Regardless of what you have planned to use the carport for, the one challenging decision you would be required to make will be picking the perfect size. 

Getting your hands on the right-sized carport is vital. There could be some carports that are 10 foot wide or 20 feet wide. Depending on your need, you should get one. A carport comes in handy only if you buy the right-sized carport. 

How To Select The Right Sized Carports? 

Once you have decided to buy a carport, the next decision is to choose the right size. Before you make a choice, proper thought needs to be put up into the carport’s size as per your needs. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind that will help you make the right choice and ensure your expectations are fulfilled: 

The Usage of The Carport 

Firstly, you must understand the usage of the carport. Ask yourself what are you going to use it for and then base your decision on that answer. A carport is generally used for parking vehicles but people also use it for different purposes. Some people use the carport as a patio area. The size of the carport should properly complement the purpose of its usage. 

Different Size of The Carports 

The size of the carport does vary. To differentiate, there are a total of three types of carports. These include: 

Single carports: Single carports are about 12 feet wide and are best used for parking vehicles. If you are looking forward to storing a single motor home or any other RV, you may want to increase the size as these vehicles tend to be a little larger than any standard sedan. 

Double carports: The size of double carports ranges from 12 to 24 feet. This type is ideal for two standard-sized vehicles. If you are looking forward to parking two vehicles, along with other items, then you will require larger carports. 

Triple carports: The size of triple carports ranges from 26 to 30 feet and can store easily up to three standard-sized vehicles. Triple carports are ideal for storing large boats and tractors. 

Width and Length of The Carports 

The length, width, and height of all three are critical when purchasing a carport. If you are looking to park a truck that is lifted three inches off the frame then you would require a tall carport. Farm equipment and recreational vehicles also require tall carports. While making sure that the carport is tall, you must also ensure that it is not too tall. The important point to note is that the taller the carport is, the less resistant it will be to the high winds, especially if the length and the width are not in sync with the height. 

Weather Conditions 

One would need to consider the weather conditions while buying carports. If you reside in an area that receives heavy snowfall, then you would require a vertical-style roof. Areas that witness hail and rain would require boxed or regular style carports. This will ensure the carports last longer and accommodate your requirements. 

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