Guests Coming Over? Here Are Ideas to Help You With Dining Space Decor

Like eyes are the window of the soul, a good dining space decor can act as fuel for any get together or house party. Every well-planned house has a dining space. If you don’t already have an impressive dining space, you can always decorate the table to your liking. A dining table is the focal point of such a space, match your crockery with the decor and you’re good to go! Read below to find out some ideas that will help you with your dining space decor and successfully impress your guests:

1. Pick a table shape that fits your space

A dining table is the most important feature of any dining space. So before you pick a unique dining table, it is important that you pick a shape and size that fits in your dining space.

  1. Rectangular: Choose this if your dining space is rectangular and the number of guests invited for dinner is generally more than four. Some rectangular dining tables can also be easily extended and folded back in without the need for any separate pieces. 
  2. Round or oval: Mostly used in small rooms, a round/oval table is perfect for a gathering that includes only the intimate members of your family or friends. A large round/oval table, on the other hand, increases the distance between those seated, for the round corners, and makes it difficult to connect with one another.
  3. Square: Pick a square dining table, if you are to have a small guest list. You can also make it bigger by joining two square tables.

  1. Seating arrangement

One should always opt for comfortable, if not upholstered, chairs that fit the size of the room, no matter where you position them. Get chairs based on the number of guests you usually have for dinner then add two to make sure you’re able to accommodate all your guests.

  1. Material

The material of the dining table you choose to buy should depend on the usage and your lifestyle. If your dining table is only going to be an extension of your kitchen or office space, you should avoid getting anything ornate or prone to damage. You should get a table casual in style if you usually tend to have guests only for your teatime parties.

  1. Backdrop

Everything goes well on a white backdrop. You should stick to white if you’re unsure about the other elements, such as curtains and carpets, that’ll comprise your dining space. White also reflects natural light and can make a small space look bigger and your wall decorations stand out. One can also use textures, like woven rugs, to add some earthy feels to your dining space.

If you have a big dining space, you can also experiment with pastel hues in your dining space. You can also keep changing between wallpapers to give a different feel on different occasions.

  1. Chandeliers, centerpieces and photo walls

You can always add some character to a big dining space with some centerpieces, colorful candlesticks and chandeliers. Fill up the empty dining space walls with oversized pendants, photos, showpieces, succulents on shelves or wallpapers. If all goes well, it can give your dining space a sophisticated and fresh look. Your guests might eagerly await an invitation coming from you.


A good meal tastes the best when the participants enjoy it collectively. One can feel the party’s mood escalating with an attractive and well-lit dining space. It successfully boosts the visual interest in your dining space. 

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