5 Ways To Make A More Relaxing Cup Of Joe

Coffee has been a drink for many occasions and moods. It’s been typically cast as the speed drink as it gives us a lot of energy and helps us throughout the day. However, it’s not all that it does. It is also known as one of the best relaxants in the world because it can be changed to a different type of drink with a few small things. These are things that you can add yourself at home to make your coffee session a little calmer and more enjoyable.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known to have a lot of good qualities such as relaxing your muscles. The additional cocoa in dark chocolate bars, has more flavonoids than some other foods. It will lower your cortisol levels which is the main component of stress. Dark chocolate is also great for your anxiety, as it’s known to have a slower release of energy and helps your digestive system to be more stable. To get the benefits from dark chocolate in your coffee, make sure it’s above 70%. Preferably you will have access to 80% cocoa with low sugar.



Rather than using sugar to sweeten your cup of Joe, we recommend you try honey. Honey is naturally good for your stomach and immune system. It can also help to soothe anxiety levels. It’s also common to have honey with a spice such as cinnamon. It tastes amazing and it gives your coffee a natural sweetness, with no way near a rise like sugar will give you. You won’t get such a high spike in sugar and that can only mean your system is not artificially boosted to a more active level.

Full fat

Full-fat milk is very good for you. You shouldn’t drink it all the time, but it’s definitely worth putting into your coffee at moderate levels. The full-fat milk has anti-inflammatory qualities, and lots of vitamin D. It’s something that rarely gets mentioned, but it can also help you if you have any kind of panic disorder. Lower levels of vitamin D have shown to increase stress and anxiety in people with a loose emotional balance. So next time you’re at the store, grab the kind with the most fat in it for your coffee.

A drop or two

CBD has been known to be one of the modern leading supplements in anti-inflammatory treatment. It can also lower your anxiety levels, especially useful after a tough day at work. These Vegan CBD Oils are just the right kind of concentration to be used every day when you feel like it. Just add one or maybe two drops to your coffee and you will feel the effects within a few minutes or so.

Oat milk

Oat milk is taking over from soy and almond milk because it has a great silky taste but with clearly better effects. Oats have complex nutrients and minerals that heal the body and slow your metabolism down a little. This makes for a slower energy burn and more stable system.

Coffee isn’t just tasty it can be very helpful too. These are just some of the things you can put into your cup of hot Joe to relax your mind and body after a busy day.


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