5 Tips to Update Your Bathroom For in 2021

1. Renovate Shower Door

Shower doors make a huge impact on the overall look of the bathroom. Do you know how a slight renovation uplifts the entire look?

If the bathroom feels boring to you, try changing the shower doors to glass shower doors. If you previously had other materials, there are some exciting glass door options for you.

● Frosted Glass Shower Door

Add a textured glass shower door for a change. Apart from offering a better look, textured glass is loved for offering added privacy.

● Tinted Shower Door

If you are bored with the clear glass, it’s time to shift towards the tinted shower door. The colored glass brings a drastic change to the overall look.

There are different color variations available in shower doors. You can go for bright colors like pink, blue, green to neutral shades like brown and others.

● Fixed Glass Panel

There are two different variations for fixed panel shower doors. You can choose either a rolling or sliding door. This style includes a stationary panel that stays in place, while the sliding door opens or closes the door when you are closing it.

Next, you have two other choices. You go for either a framed vs frameless shower door version.

Today, modern homeowners usually go with the frameless version. The sleek appearance adds bonus points to the entire bathroom space. It gives a light and airy feel without the impression of overcrowding.

So, if your bathroom lacks space, frameless glass shower doors are the right choice for you.

That’s all about shower doors. Once you have decided on this essential factor, move forward with the other things.

2. Add Modern Automatic Hand Washing Basin

Covid-19 has become a nightmare for everyone. However, basic hygiene rules and proper hand washing can save us from the deadly virus.

Still, some people don’t follow the hand-washing regime the right way. This problem is common if you have kids who are reluctant to wash hands regularly. If you are facing a similar issue, we have a superb idea for you.

Install an automatic hand-washing basin to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Do you know how it functions? You don’t have to turn the tap on or use your hands frequently. Because it is automatic equipment designed to serve in the pandemic days.

The best part is that this way, washing hands will become interesting and everyone will be motivated to stay clean and healthy.

Again, there are different shapes and designs of the basin. If you want to install in a public area, for example, a guest room, go for a bigger size. If you are looking for elevating the ambiance of a kid’s bathroom, keep their height under consideration for the placement of the sink.

3. Install Beautiful Glass Shelves on the Wall

Do you have a lot of makeup and skincare stuff? Try displaying it on the bathroom shelves?

If you are looking for ideas for a proper view, we suggest you go for glass display shelves. They are also available in shape variations like rectangle, square, and so on. Moving on, the design choices include floating shelves, fixed wall hanging ones, and others.

If you go and search for them, you will find a variety of styles to suit your taste. Choose the one that fits the available space and looks good with the interior setting.

4. Use Readymade Glass Cabinet for Keeping Bathroom Items Clean and Safe

The bigger bottles, shampoos, conditioners, and essential stuff can stay safe in the mirrored glass cabinet.

The readymade cabinets are an intelligent idea to keep things, in an organized manner. For example, you can keep hair tools, brushes, and accessories over there too.

You can also assort your hairdryer, straightener, curler, or some hair tools you love to use. They are available in multi-tier options so you can dedicate a portion for hair tools, others for bath and body care, and so on. The ideas are unlimited and it all depends on your ease and demands.

The mirrored glass cabinets keep your stuff safe from water and moisture, so your favorite things shall remain safe. Moreover, you don’t have to rush to the cupboards or room organizer to get ready for work or school.

Extra tip: Install an extension board nearby to keep wires in an organized manner.

5. Replace Traditional Mirror with LED Mirror

Now that you have everything else in the bathroom, it’s time for a vanity mirror. A LED mirror does wonders and brings the best out of the bathroom space. Adorned with LED bulbs, it highlights the slightest imperfections in makeup.

Did you always wish for a vanity mirror? Nevertheless, your dream didn’t come true because not everybody has a spacious bedroom to accommodate such stuff. However, you can always use an LED mirror in the bathroom instead.

Welcome to the modern world where traditional mirrors are outdated. Therefore, an LED mirror is the perfect way to save money and follow your dreams with reasonable choices.

Moreover, the LED lights are adjustable, so you can always adjust the light intensity according to your requirements. Some options also offer the freedom of switching between yellow or white lights with an adjustable button. So, it’s time to bring Hollywood-inspired glamour to your bathroom and do what you always wished for.

In a Word!

To sum up, we have shared 5 cool tips to upgrade the bathroom for a spring look. As spring denotes blooming flowers and new changes, please do not leave the bathroom as it is. Follow these changes to make your bathroom look better.

We wish you good luck with your adventure.

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