5 Technologies Your Business Truck Needs

Technology is an integral part of business; however, it keeps evolving more and more each day. For business truck owners, equipping the trucks with certain technologies will make work easier and possibly more profitable. 

Equipping these trucks with the technology is not a cheap task. It will require capital, and constant monitoring. It is especially cost intensive for companies that have a huge fleet of trucks. For this reason, you should invest in technology that will serve you for a long time and not require changes after a short time.

Here are five technologies with years of maturity; hence, there is no need to change them when something new comes up, and more importantly, they are necessary for your business trucks.

1. Camera Systems

Having a forward-looking camera system and the normal camera system is vital. There are currently many different types, as they vary in size and in quality. Choose HD cameras with night vision. 

Because of how lucrative the freight business tends to be, these companies are prone to lawsuits. If your truck has been involved in an accident you can provide footage to the lawyers for commercial truck accidents to help determine the cause of the accident. Having a camera that records everything that happens will greatly reduce the number of lawsuits that reduce the amount of money and time that freight companies lose when trying to settle these cases. 

Cameras also ensure that the drivers are following the necessary rules and regulations because they know that someone is watching them.

2. Dynamic Routing

No one enjoys sitting in traffic. Now imagine being a truck driver who is constantly in traffic. Not only is it tiring and demoralizing, but it also reduces efficiency because of time management problems. Dynamic routing allows the truck drivers to check for the traffic-free routes and the shortest and most convenient routes to their destination. 

Because trucks also go to different regions, dynamic routing equally allows the truck drivers to check the weather of their destination in real-time, preparing them in advance for any possible precautions they might need to take.

3. Collision Mitigation Technology

Research indicates that trucks represent a higher percentage of accidents and fatalities despite the fact that they are not as many as other forms of vehicles. This fact is because of their large size. Therefore, it is a bit more challenging to navigate the roads as easily as the small vehicles. 

Collision mitigation technology allows the truck drivers to know if they are about to hit something or are too close to an object. This technology also helps monitor the truck all round, the speed, and it even stops it in case of an emergency. The collision mitigation technology can be fitted even in old trucks.

4. Electronic Logging Devices

In the US, it is a requirement in most states for trucks to have electronic logging devices if they are operating in a legal capacity. These devices allow for accountability because they record the number of hours that a driver works and, at the same time, ensure that a driver works within the legal hours, also called hours of service. 

Having electronic logging devices decreases the number of accidents that occur due to a driver falling asleep while on the road because of not getting enough rest.

5. Trailer Tracking

This is a requirement that all companies should incorporate and install in their trucks. The goods on transit are usually of high value, and in case of any damages, the freight company is generally responsible for them. Having a trailer tracker allows the truck owner to know where the vehicle is at all times, and it will enable the company to give realistic expectations to their clients. In the unfortunate case of a theft, it is easy to locate the truck using the tracker, further reducing possible losses.


It is clear that having these technologies in your trucks is an advantage, an expensive one, but quite necessary. All of these devices and software are necessary for the business and the vehicles as well. 

Having a technology that will prevent an accident like the collision mitigation device or avoid a potential lawsuit like having a forward face camera is advisable and necessary. Electronic logging also has numerous advantages, and trailer tracking is something that truck owners should consider a must-have.

Despite the fact that these technologies will cost a fortune, it is clear that as a truck owner, you need them. Luckily, they are mature enough for you to comfortably use for a long time without feeling the need to upgrade to a better version, so, in the long run, they are a great way of saving money.

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