Tips to Buy the Perfect Coffee Table that Complements Your Living Room

Usually, the coffee table is the last piece of furniture you look at after selecting the other furniture items for your living room. However, no home is complete without the ubiquitous coffee table, though you need to find the perfect one to match the others. There are round ones, square tables, glass-topped tables, and some shapes that you need to see to believe.

However, here are some tips for buying the perfect coffee table like modern rolling bar cart that adds to the décor of your living room:

Spare a Thought for Space

You can’t have your coffee table positioned too far away from your couch, or too near enough to bang your knees against it. If the edge of your coffee table is more than 1/12 feet away, reaching out for the morning newspaper or cuppa is going to be a tad difficult. You can’t leave too little, or too much room in between, because coffee tables need to take up only that much space, and no more. If you’re struggling to find something that is perfect for you, why not consider a live edge table from alderferlumber which is cut to the exact size you need it? It will both fit perfectly size wise and also look completely unique and a standout piece in your living room.

The Height Makes a Difference

A coffee table that is very high is no coffee table. The table’s top needs to be at least a couple of inches lower than the sofa seat level. Otherwise, you’ll be straining yourself each time you reach out for some knick-knack lying on the table. It is advisable to measure the height of the seat of your sofa from the ground and measure the coffee table’s height to be on the safe side.

Most coffee tables are about 18 inches high, and you may want a taller one if you are going to be standing around a lot and can’t reach down too low to set your glass or dessert plate on it. So, consider the height before buying your coffee table.

Matching Styles

Your coffee table has to match your sofa in colour, size, shape, etc.; otherwise, the mismatch looks odd and will be an eyesore. If you have a large-sized sofa sitting on metal (chrome) legs, maybe you want a matching glass-top coffee table with metal legs. A slim couch goes well with a solid wood coffee table with a solid wood top. You may want to carry photographs or videos of your couch while going to the furniture store.

No Sharp Edges

If you have kids running around in your home, any coffee table with sharp edges is ruled out. There have been too many instances of little ones banging on sharp edges and screaming in pain. Go for a smooth, round table that is safe with the kids playing around all day. Look for one with rounded legs too, to make a perfect match and for safety as well.

Musty Smell of Wood

If you like the musty smell of wood, you may want to consider tables made of seasoned oak, when exploring the options for Hampton coffee table at OneWorld collection. Also, it should match your taste and budget. A solid wood coffee table is an investment for life, and what’s more, the value of wooden furniture increases with age.

Lightweight Metal or Glass

If you don’t fancy lugging around heavy furniture, and if you keep changing the furniture landscape, it is advisable to go for lightweight metal or glass coffee tables. Not only are they easy to move, but they are easy to clean and maintain as well.

If your living room already has many wooden furniture pieces, you can complement that with a metal or glass table to add to the variety.

Black is Beautiful

Consider a black coffee table that looks sleek and elegant if you don’t like furniture in bright or glaring colours in your living room. The high-end collections include two-tone, ebony-coloured coffee tables with a sleek finish that add to your living room’s ambience.

Summing it Up

Buying furniture is a tricky business, and selecting something as ubiquitous as a coffee table is no different. It would help if you considered many of the above factors while shopping for your coffee table. Why not browse the Hampton coffee table at OneWorld collection and other such sites, which gives you a wider choice.

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