The essential guide to buying smart TV

As time goes by, our TV’s are swiftly moving into the space where they’ll be outsmarting us at any moment! We’ve come a long way since the TV was just a unit for entertainment. Far from the old-fashioned gogglebox, TVs have evolved to a multifaceted hub which not only shows broadcast material, but which can connect to the internet and stream content, while some can even respond to voice commands!

Where only a few manufacturers held a monopoly over the TV market is the past, we now have a vast array of new manufacturers who all vie for their slice of the market share pie. This means that new innovations are taking place at an unprecedented rate, in the race to be cooler than the preceding model by another manufacturer. The rate at which the technology is evolving means that, while old-style models used to be up to date for 10 to 15 years, the newer models can be obsolete within a year or two.

What’s in a brand name?

There is no lack of choice when it comes to manufacturers, but how do you know which are the good ones, and which should be avoided? The “old faithfuls” who have been around for years, have a reputation to uphold, and the chances that you will have luck with one of their models is quite high. Going for a well-known, popular brand is not a sell-out; it’s a choice to go with someone who has historical significance in the field, and whose product won’t make you feel like you are wasting your money.

What is the best size?

The best size is one that is proportionate to your home. A TV that is too big for the space in which it is, looks out of place, while a too small model can look silly. Also consider whether you want the set to be floor-standing or wall-mounted, and whether or not you want to expand upon it with peripheral fittings, like gaming consoles or external speakers.

What is a good price to pay?

Of course the price point of any technological item goes up as the specs go up. If you have a large budget, the sky is the limit – but if you are limited in your spending ability, the best advice would be to go for the highest specs that your budget allows. It is also an idea to wait for sales, as you can get very good products at a discounted price.

Look at the picture quality. Historically, the higher the number, the higher the picture quality. However, this thinking precedes the arrival of 4k, which is currently the best available visual quality. This doesn’t mean that 4k is the only option – don’t be hesitant about looking at lower grade models if they are a better fit for your budget. The point is to get an internet-compatible TV to keep your family entertained, and if keeping up with the Joneses is not a priority for you, go for the best model you can afford.

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