Make Your Christmas Cards Memorable with These Creative Ideas

In 1843, British public servant Sir Henry Cole tried to think of ways more ordinary people can utilize and benefit from the post office. Being an art enthusiast, he came up with the idea of Christmas cards and designed the first one with an artist friend.

About a thousand of these cards were printed, sold for a shilling each, and then sent through the post. As faster printing methods and cheaper mail became available, sending Christmas cards grew more popular in the UK and, eventually, the rest of the world.

Today, even with the internet, sending Christmas cards is a tradition that persists. But just like the first Christmas cards, the ones available in the market are often mass-produced. So how can you make your cards personalized and more memorable for your recipients?

Bring out your arts and craft supplies because we have a few creative Christmas card ideas that will make yours stand out!

1. Take a great photo

If you’re planning on including a picture in your Christmas cards, make sure to take and choose high-quality ones. The photo may be of your family, your fur babies, or your holiday display.

No matter the subject, the photos you’re planning to include should be clear and in focus, giving your loved ones a high-resolution memento from you.

2. Make it humorous

The year has been difficult for a lot of people, so a little lighthearted message that will make your loved ones laugh will surely be appreciated.

Whether it’s a Christmas-themed pun, an inside joke, or a photo of your pet doing something hilarious paired with a witty caption, injecting humor in your Christmas card will make yours stand out.

3. Create a custom liner

Envelope liners are like little adorable surprises in mail envelopes. They turn an otherwise plain envelope into something that delights the recipient upon seeing. The best thing about adding envelope liners is they’re easy to DIY! You can use a festive sparkly material like copper foil sheets, use a patter-printed paper, or print your own featuring your design or pictures. Once you have the liner material you want, all you need to do is cut and assemble the liner.

4. Design a frame-worthy envelope

If you’re a bit more artistic or crafty, you can make your Christmas cards stand out with a frame-worthy envelope. When the envelope itself is a work of art, it’s more likely to stand out against all the plain white and red envelopes.

From custom painting each envelope to using fabric ones instead of paper, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas envelopes a work of art.

5. Add a vintage touch

If you don’t want yours to blend in with the sparkle and bright colors of typical Christmas cards, why not add a more vintage touch?

First, you can use neutral-toned card stock, then write your message in calligraphy. Spritz it with a bit of perfume, then seal it in a vintage-inspired envelope. For the ultimate vintage look, stick a vintage stamp, wrap the envelope in a string of twine, and seal it using a wax seal and your personal stamp.

This holiday season will be unlike any other, especially if you can’t be with your loved ones. One way to make them feel your warmth and love is with a standout Christmas card.

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