Hi-Tech Fittings to Update Your Bathroom Design

Anything to do with a hi-tech bathroom cheers me up as I love to luxuriate in home technology. Nowadays I am too connected to my personal space, taking my bathroom as a sacred place to escape my day-to-day bustles. I don’t want distractions while relaxing in the bathtub let alone phone beeps when looking in the mirror. A few hi-tech features in my bathroom have been so useful and luxurious that I couldn’t help but share today. However, much like how you should seek professional help when mounting your tv anywhere else in your home, so too should you seek professional help when installing these features into your bathroom.

Wireless Speakers

I love listening to soul music while taking a shower in the morning. It has a curing and relaxing effect, giving me the energy and motivation to start my day. In the evening, I switch to rock music to elevate my mood. Thanks to wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, my dreams have come true. I simply connect my TV or smartphone to the speakers and my shower time turns into a thrill. The small, sleek, yet powerful speakers offer high fidelity, sounding as clean as I feel when coming out of the shower.

Digital Faucets

When I hired a bathroom designer for a remodel, we took some time to talk over the sink and faucets. I didn’t know how advanced the latest faucets are until I got to see several models. Surprisingly, my newest installs are touchless so I don’t need to turn them on and off. They come with motion sensors inside. How convenient for the Coronavirus period! Immediately I put my hands below the taps, they automatically turn on so I can wash my hands. Then they turn themselves off when I take my hands off the sink. Certain faucets come with temperature control settings so we can choose to run normal or warm water. The greatest benefit of digital faucets is water control. At the end of each cleaning session, I use less water than I would with regular taps. This is a good thing for my pocket and the environment too.

Smart Shower

A smart shower is remote-controlled anywhere in the bathroom to set the spray patterns or the water temperature. Some advanced designs come with customizable profiles, light, scents, and extra sound. Chromotherapy showers offer color therapy. Here, the LED lights in the shower or bathtub revolve in different color shades, allowing us to bathe in exciting colors and tranquil settings to balance our energy. This type of tech, sometimes regarded as pseudoscience, makes a showstopper bath or shower. Other incredible features of a smart shower are adjustable presets for temperature and water flow. The ability to adjust water temperature before stepping into a shower spray is indispensable. This protects young kids from scalding while reducing the time it takes to wait for the water to heat up. Some freestanding baths use pressure sensors to prevent overflow since they can detect the weight of the water. The electronic control releases the drain if the bath is abou to fill, saving water and preventing accidental flooding.

Sensor Mirror

The human sensor mirror is like normal glass, but only shows my face when I get in front of it. I find it unique as it also comes with an inbuilt LED for natural illumination. My appearance in the mirror is the same way I look in the sunlight.

Smart Scale

Tracking my body weight is critical to my health. I want to know all the details from body fat, lean mass, and weight. A Wi-Fi body scale allows me to check my BMI anytime I want. It is a sleek and elegant design that takes little space in my bathroom. Since the smart scale connects to the internet, I can record my fitness data and share it with my gym trainer or health professional.

I have learned from sophisticated bathroom fittings that it is not always about being connected. Rather, it’s about improving my personal space to my needs. Being able to maintain hygiene and save utility bills is a huge plus. And so I have been on the lookout for furnishings that will be most useful to me and my family. I don’t know about you but at the end of this year, I want everything luxurious and smart in my shower room.

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