5 Signs That Your Living Space May Have A Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is a common problem that homeowners come across more than once. The issue itself is daunting, but things can be worse if it comes out of the blue. For most homeowners, the discovery of pest infestation is unexpected. You clean your place often, use quality products to steer clear of insects and rodents, and inspect the vulnerable area regularly, but the lurking enemies still end up taking you by surprise. Staying a step ahead is your best bet to protect your home against a major infestation and save up on massive extermination bills. Here are the signs you must watch out for.

Pest droppings

The most common indication of unwanted intruders being around is the presence of pest droppings in your living space. You may see them at places that are likely to be frequented by insects and rodents, such as the attic, the basement, crawl spaces, under the sofa, and behind your water heater. If there are bed bugs, you will find droppings beneath the sheets or mattresses.

Dirt and grime build-ups

When you see an unexplained buildup of dirt and grime around your living space, you are dealing with an infestation. Look out for dirt on the walls, greasy-looking smudges on the floor, and grime on the furniture. These often occur when rodents rub up against surfaces. The house will appear dirtier than usual. Although these indications are often subtle, there could be a big problem brewing.

Unusual smells and sounds

Another sign that clearly indicates an impending infestation is unusual sounds and smells. The problem areas may smell of rotting or stale food. Household rodents tend to carry food around and drop it under the furniture or in the corners. You may also notice odors from their droppings and urine. Checking pest-help.com can give you a fair idea about linking a specific smell with different pests. Apart from strange smells, you may also hear scampering or crawling sounds from the attic or basement.

Damage to the furniture

The last thing you will want to see is damage to your furniture, but it is a clear sign that you will see an infestation sooner rather than later. Bugs and rodents can damage the fabric and also gnaw and scratch the wood. You may notice chewed wires and gnawed cardboard boxes in the storage areas. These are serious signs, and you should take action at the earliest.

Discarded body parts

Like droppings and food crumbs, pests often leave behind their body parts as telltale signs of their presence in your living space. You may find discarded wings, skin, or limbs in the corners or window sills. Sweeping them and hoping that they are gone for good is the worst mistake you can make. The best piece of advice is to get professional extermination at the earliest.

Homeowners must be watchful about pest presence in their living space. Never ignore even the smallest sign because what appears to be a few cockroaches or one rat may be only the beginning. Addressing the problem quickly can save you a lot of money and effort in the long run.

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